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Zipperless Luggage Canada

The Samsonite hard case luggage no zipper is traditionally zipperless , with a TSA approved lock to keep your items secure, and because the lock is TSA approved, that means that the airport security staff can quickly spot-check your case if need be, without causing any damage to the case or the lock itself.

Zipperless bags , on the other hand, can be simply flipped open once you key in your combination codes.

Some options even have a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) locking system, which means the only other person who can access your luggage at the airport is the airport authority with a #, These are; 1) the baggage handling system itself; and 2) criminals attempting to remove valuables from or insert contraband into your luggage.

Attack of the Kickers.

The first and least controllable of the dangers is the baggage system.

More specifically, the baggage kickers are what cause most of the damage to our bags.

Clothink Aluminum Frame Hardshell Luggage.


We pick our best zipperless luggage not just because they provide secure TSA-approved locks, but other features they boast.

This one, for example, features not just one or two, but five-layered exterior.

Each has its own purpose.

The outer layer protects from normal wear and tear.

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