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Zickos Acrylic Drums

Zickos drums Bill Zickos made his first set for Iron Butterfly in 1969.

In the following months roughly a couple of dozen sets were custom made for groups like The Who, Three Dog Night, Jefferson Airplane, some local Kansas City groups, and a host of others.

18/11/2007 There are few good audio/video clips of acrylic drums out there for people who are interested.

This is an early 70’s Zickos drum kit in 14/16/18/22 configuration, with an Eric Singer maple snare.

Zickos Drums.


This page is for drummers who once owned a Zickos Drums or always wanted one!, Rare early-mid 70s Zickos Acrylic Drumset 5-piece kit with original snare and custom led lights.

Made in USA.

These were the original acrylic drums and have much thicker shells and heavier hardware than a ludwig vistalite from the same era.

They also weigh much more than any other kit I’ve owned (including other acrylic sets).

Zickos /Maybe RCI Acrylic Drums purple Cast 12,13,16,22 (Salamanca) $600 JLA FORUMS | Classifieds | FOR SALE – New York | FOR SALE – Buffalo, NY Fri Jun 12 2020 11:26 am, Zickos /Maybe RCI Acrylic Drums Purple Cast 12,13,16,22 (Salamanca) $600.

Zickos /Maybe RCI Acrylic Drums purple Cast 12,13,16,22 (Salamanca) $600.

Vintage ZICKOS DBL BASS DRUM KIT (Littleton S W) $1000.

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08/05/2014 Zickos Clear Cast Acrylic Drums.

May 8, 2014 The NSMD Staff.

The first company to ever produce clear cast acrylic drums , Zickos nearly had Keith Moon as an endorser.

Apparently, he did not like the sound of the drums.

He was known to have played them on just a handful of gigs.

Vistalite and acrylic offered a synthetic alternative to wood shells and were popularized by rock drummer John Bonham of Led Zeppelin.

The original Vistalites are a collectors item.

Bill Zickos was the father of the acrylic drums ; he built the first experimental set in 1959 and received a US Patent (patent #3,626,458) for them in 1970.

24/10/2012 Each month Rhythm Magazine tracks-down vintage gear in order to important moments in drum -making history.

This Zickos Plexiglas ( acrylic ) set is a rare example of the first ever commercially-produced plastic drum kits.

Bill Zickos was a big band jazz drummer who owned a music store in Kansas City, USA, during the 1950s.

Keith bought a transparent acrylic drumkit from Zickos drum company, during The Who#s 1970 U.


tour, before a show in Kansas City on July 2.

Several weeks later, Moon ordered one more drumkit.

Zickos had only been in business in less than a year, and Keith was the second drummer to order a kit, so Zickos didn#t have all of their own.

zickos acrylic drums