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Welcome to Zebra Drums Solid drums , massive sound.




Snare drums.

Thread locks.



Zebra Drums ; Sjoerd van den Beuken; Roermond Netherlands; [email protected]

com +31 (0)6 410 128 62, Zebra Drums stand out in sound and design.

Each of these drums are hand built by me with passion and an eye for detail.

Every drum is unique and gets its own serial number.

Zebra Drums kits are available in different set ups and wood species.

You can choose between a number of available woods for drum kits.

Choose your drum kit below.

All snare drums are fitted with tube lugs, a Trick strainer and custom snare wire straps, for added sensitivity and durability.

Also, there are a lot more wood types to choose from in comparison to the Zebra Drums toms and bass drums.

Contact details.

Zebra Drums Sjoerd van den Beuken The Netherlands.

Phone: +31 (0)6 410 128 62 E-mail: [email protected]

com KVK: 51575086.

Contactform, Zebra Drums, +31 6 41012862 Burg Thomas Wackersstr 41 A, 6041 AK Roermond, Directions, Zebra Drums in Roermond , Burgemeester Thomas Wackersstraat 41-A, 6041AK – Telefoonnummer, informatie en kaart van Zebra Drums – Rubriek Muziekinstrumenten Telefoonboek de Telefoongids van Nederland De afgelopen 24 uur heeft telefoonboek.

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net, Great News!! Zebra Drums welcomes Justin Scott to the family as an official endorser!! He is a phenomal drummer playing with his amazingly fluent style and mad grooves.

He was rated 6th in the best online drum personality poll by Music Radar in 2018.

He plays a 14″ x 8″ a mahogany Zebra Drums snare drum.

Check out his page on instagram.

Zebra #s shells vary in thickness from 6mm small toms (the thinnest and best looking staves I#ve ever seen) through to 12mm bass drums.

As for bearing edges, toms have a small round-over with a 45 degree counter cut, snare drums have a double 45 degree peak (although a #, Our showroom is open by appointment only.

Make your appointment here.

Mix & Match: vases and lighting.

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