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Yulu Electric Bikes

Amit Gupta of Yulu is riding the change.

Livemint / June 6th, 2020.

The founder and CEO of mobility startup Yulu tells Mint he is optimistic about the future of shared electric mobility in the post-covid world.

In keeping with the times, I speak to Amit Gupta, co-founder and CEO of shared mobility startup Yulu , over a Zoom call.

31/10/2019 Day out on yulu Bikes | Yulu Miracle Electric Bike | How to rent Yulu Miracle Electric Bike – Duration: 9:15.

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E- Bike In India.

25/11/2019 Yulu , a Bangalore-based electric bike sharing platform that maintains a partnership with Uber, said today it has won the backing of one of the country#s largest automakers.

The two-year-old.

17/05/2019 Hi, I don’t think Yulu is selling these electric bikes.

There are other e- bikes available starting at Rs.



Avon e- bikes.

Yulu is importing these bikes from China for it’s rental business.

But I believe they procure the batteries in India.

It’s easy to rent these bikes in Bangalore.

Bike -sharing platform Yulu wants to end those first and last-mile commute woes with its electric vehicles (EVs).

The startup launched its electric scooter, Yulu Miracle , in Bengaluru in the last.

Promote Your Brand with Yulu.

Promote your Brand through offline transit media available 24*7 on Yulu Bikes across premium Yulu Zones at major tech parks, corporates, public transportation hubs, and residential complexes.

Let your brand reach your target audience in the most economical, sustainable and innovative way.

Yulu Move is a smart lock enabled bicycle which effectively solves the first mile, last mile and short distance commute challenges.

Take a Move to run errands, travel short distances or use it as a fitness friend.

Pedal the change for a clean and green environment! Features.

Yulu is a technology-driven mobility platform that enables Integrated Urban Mobility across public and private modes of transport.

Using Micro Mobility Vehicles (MMVs) through a user-friendly mobile app, Yulu enables first and last-mile connectivity that is seamless, shared and sustainable.

02/09/2019 Yulu aims to deploy 5,000 electric non-motorised bikes # YULU Miracles# ( Yulu in Delhi) at various metro stations by the end of this year.

The bike -sharing services will be further extended to all the metro stations in the Delhi-NCR region by early 2020, by deploying up to 25,000 Yulu Miracles.

Yulu Miracle Enjoy a miraculous ride! Yulu Miracle is your perfect partner to explore urban cities and discover the undiscovered.

Its brilliant design and unmatched functionality makes it a unique form of transportation.

Join the Mirac-lution and contribute to a greener environment.

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