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Youtube Oh Dem Golden Slippers Mummers

15/02/2013 Happy Days Are Here Again / I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover / Alabama Jubilee / O ‘ dem.

– Duration: 4:14.

Fralinger String Band – Topic 23,536 views, 07/04/2014 50+ videos Play all Mix – Ferko String Band plays ” Golden Slippers ” on April 6, 2014 YouTube Ferko String Band 1989- At The Strutters Ball – Duration: 8:11.

69mets86 125,468 views, 28/11/2013 on January 1st in South Philly on Broad street.

you can hear this song played 50 times by the String Bands.

they’ll play a few others too.

I can hear, feel and see them coming down the street.

06/01/2009 50+ videos Play all Mix – Quaker City String Band 2009 Golden Slippers YouTube Philadelphia Mummers Parade 2013 – Duration: 5:02.

Erin Kavanagh 122,372 views, However, # Oh , Dem Golden Slippers # was a hit song in the 1880s and it may have been during this earlier period that it entered the repertoire of the Mummers , whose music was heavily influenced by minstrelsy and whose performances were largely based on parody.

O, Dem Golden Slippers The unofficial theme song of the Mummers Parade, it was written by the African-American Philadelphian James A.

Bland in 1879.

The Mummers parade initially prohibited African Americans from participating in the parade and used white people in black face which was banned by the City in 1964.

02/01/2019 # Oh , Dem Golden Slippers The Mummers Strut to a composition by James A.

Bland Hailed as the greatest and most prolific African-American songwriter of the late 1800s, Bland penned the # Oh , Dem Golden Slippers # tune as a minstrel show song set in the style of a spiritual.

Song History.

Prominent black minstrel songwriter and banjo player James A.

Bland, of Sprague’s Georgia Minstrels, wrote ” Oh , Dem Golden Slippers ” in 1879.

It was a mockery of ” Golden Slippers ,” a spiritual sung by the Fisk Jubilee Singers.

Bland’s parody surpassed the Fisk song in popularity and is now known only as ” Golden Slippers.

“, 25/12/2014 2021 Mummers Parade Results; Archive.

2020 Mummers Parade.

Watch the 2020 Mummers Parade Online; 2020 Mummers Parade Results; 2020 Mummers Parade Guide; 2020 Mummers Parade Route; 2020 String Band Order of March and Themes; 2020 Fancy Brigade Order of March and Themes; 2020 Wench Brigade Order of March and Themes; 2020 Comics Order of March #, 31/12/2018 The Mummers # strut came from minstrel shows.

And their unofficial theme song?

# Oh , Dem Golden Slippers.

# [Music: # Oh , Dem Golden Slippers # Polish American String Band] Perhaps it#s ironic that the famous strut and theme song of the Philadelphia Mummers , made up almost exclusively of white men, come from African-American culture.

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