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Ygopro Card Images Not Showing Up

I joined the discord channel of ygopro and i downloaded the beta version of ygopro percy with link mosters, but when i installed the game i noticed that there were no images at all.

I tried to copy-paste the images from my old ygopro , but still the new cards dont have any image.

24/12/2016 alright guys, some of you have ran into this issue.

i hope it can be of any help.

enjoy and thanks for watching.



So I’m pretty new to playing yugioh TCG.

I want to test decks on YGOPro on my PC to see what I find most consistent and to gain experience away from locals.

I downloaded it from their Discord page but its missing like 99% of the card images and I’ve no idea where to get them from or how to install them.

YGOPRO YGOPRO YGOPro Discussion Card Images blank.

Card Images blank – I wanted to point out two OCG cards have no picture.


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16/02/2016 Avatar + Card Back – posted in Item Information: Item Name: Avatar + Card Back Cost: 700 Diamonds This item allows you to use a custom image as your profile picture and a custom image as your card sleeve.

21/08/2018 Close- up : Downloads the close- up artworks of all cards without their background (Resolution: 544x544px).


Select the style of the card pictures.


By ticking the checkbox # Overwrite Images you overwrite all existing images.

If kept unticked only images that are outdated will be downloaded.

If any of your cards in the game do not have a picture you will need to delete your current YgoPro , saving the deck folder somewhere safe so you do not lose your decks.

Then a fresh version from here: https://drive.



HOL0DTPQyUFJ3eUZ1XzZVQnM This should have all card images #, alright guys, this should be a much easier way to get you the card images for ygopro 2.

i hope this helps and thanks for watching CARD IMAGES DOWNLOADER http.

-d-c-j-e-r-s will make YGOPro automatically exit when the duel or deck editing is finished.

This is useful for some launchers.

If you want to keep it, add -k before them.

-d-r-s support full path of file, or just filename.

But remember deck filename should NOT have extension when replay and single filename MUST have extension.

Directories:, YGOPRO Percy has no card images ?

I downloaded the game to find none of my cards have their images.

I did some research to find that some said they will automatically as I access them but they have yet to actually do that.

ygopro card images not showing up