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Ygopro Card Images Download

I joined the discord channel of ygopro and i downloaded the beta version of ygopro percy with link mosters, but when i installed the game i noticed that there were no images at all.

I tried to copy-paste the images from my old ygopro , but still the new cards dont have any image.

04/06/2017 Select which Images you want to.

The options are All Images , Picture, Field and Close-up.

All Images : Downloads all pictures in the order that they are appearing above.

Pics: Downloads pictures of all cards in the selected Style (Resolution: 223x325px).

Field: Downloads the artworks of the field spells (Resolution: 544x544px).

24/12/2016 alright guys, some of you have ran into this issue.

i hope it can be of any help.

enjoy and thanks for watching.



Also, when I images do I still need to update that first update after downloading the game?

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YGOPRO 2 No Pictures ( card images ) fix STEP by STEP.



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Ygolite is a dueling app for iOS devices.

It uses the same engine as Ygopro but without card pics.

You can add your own custom pics to Ygolite via File Sharing.

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17/02/2016 Avatar + Card Back – posted in Item Information: Item Name: Avatar + Card Back Cost: 700 Diamonds This item allows you to use a custom image as your profile picture and a custom image as your card sleeve.

11/01/2020 Ygopro Percy 1.


0 Links Beta Update January 2020 What’s new : 10.

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ygopro card images download