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Ygolite Pictures 2019

Instruction on how to add pics to the Ygolite app.




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Add pics to Ygolite on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Ygolite is a dueling app for iOS devices.

It uses the same engine as Ygopro but without card pics.

You can add your own custom pics to Ygolite via File Sharing.

, 08/04/2016 Needs images 4 the cards It’s a ok game it just needs the images of the cards cuz I hav to read the title and description of the card on the left of the screen it will be more helpful if it has the images cuz some people already know some of the cards effects, ygolite card image free.

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Performance insights mean performance gains, Ygolite Image File.



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Ygolite Image File.

Looking for the card images file for ygolite since ygopro took down all its links.



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New comments #, 17/04/2016 Seriously why doesn’t this app not have pictures its harder to pick or select what card you want to use and I can’t the pictures because the fricking page isn’t working so I cant the pictures either so if you can make this app perfect I suggest a update By Nick on 11/9/2016 4:38:04 PM, Then select ” Ygolite ” on the “File Sharing” section.

:black_circle: You will then have to drag the “pics” folder to the” Ygolite Documents”.

To avoid having to copy the entire pics folder for each update, they recommend you put individual pics in the root folder.

, 08/04/2016 Great, but no pictures I really enjoyed playing the original ygopro, but I no longer can due to the latest software update.

To make matters worse, this app gives you picture less cards.

I have heard that you can pics into the cards themselves, but it sounds like a bit of a hassle if you ask me.

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