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Ygolite Images 2018

Ygolite Image File.



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Ygolite Image File.

Looking for the card images file for ygolite since ygopro took down all its links.



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New comments #, 08/04/2016 Great, but no pictures I really enjoyed playing the original ygopro, but I no longer can due to the latest software update.

To make matters worse, this app gives you picture less cards.

I have heard that you can pics into the cards themselves, but it sounds like a bit of a hassle if you ask me.

, 14/12/2016 Hi guys i just wonna thank you for over 1300 subscribers, you guys are AWESOME.

Here the links: YGOlite : https://itunes.


com/it/app/ ygolite /id1099613981.

, Ygolite is a dueling app for iOS devices.

It uses the same engine as Ygopro but without card pics.

You can add your own custom pics to Ygolite via File Sharing.

, Despite the bugs and lack of pictures , this is still an early version of the game and is still playable.

I would like to have pictures added in the next update.

May 19, 2018 5 min read Best Card Games for Kids – Classics, Characters & Advanced Games May 12,.

Ygolite Share Ygolite #, Since YGOPro has had legal issues with card photos the YGOPro app hasn#t been updated in forever.

They made ygolite , an identical app only it doesn#t come with pictures , to attempt to get around that.

And you used to be able to the pictures right onto the phone from their website.

, 17/04/2016 Seriously why doesn’t this app not have pictures its harder to pick or select what card you want to use and I can’t the pictures because the fricking page isn’t working so I cant the pictures either so if you can make this app perfect I suggest a update By Nick on 11/9/2016 4:38:04 PM, YGOLITE PICS.

KingJulez 10/11/16.



I understand that YGOLITE doesn’t have any pics.

but where can I find the link to the pics so I can continue following the guidelines.

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ygolite images 2018