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Who we are: We are the exclusive United States Representative for the World Baggage Network and voted best member worldwide of all 40+ members! With our team of international shipping partners we can handle excess luggage, oversized baggage , international moves, job transfers, or most other kinds of shipments.

Worldwide shipping to and from the United States.

Miami , FL: (786) 347-6490.

Fort Lauderdale, FL: (954) 556-4837.

New York: (718) 301 5803.

Boston: (617) 933-5804, Miami , FL: (786) 347-6490.

Fort Lauderdale, FL: (954) 556-4837.

New York: (718) 301 5803.

Boston: (617) 933-5804, Under difficult circumstances, Ralph at XS Baggage did everything he could to make the shipment of personal belongings back to the USA as easy as possible.

XS Baggage has my wholehearted endorsement.

Jun 9, 2020, Heath risks of using XS Baggage services # The World Health Organization and U.


Centers for Disease Controls have indicated that the chances of the COVID-19 virus contaminating cardboard or other shipping containers is low.

If there is a concern, disinfecting the shipment or using protective apparel when unwrapping the packaging will reduce.

XS Baggage did a pretty good job for us brokering the shipping of luggage from Spain to California.

The cost was expensive, but not outrageous.

We also purchased insurance.

However, we ran into problems when we discovered that two expensive items were stolen from our luggage.

We immediately filed a claim on that insurance.

1470 Lee Wagener Blvd Ste 103, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 (866) 656-6977, The fares listed in the chart are the values of the airport and taxes are included.

Get a special discount by buying your additional baggage on our website! The XS rate is subject to promotional availability.

; For all destinations, the maximum baggage weight allowed is 23 kilograms per piece.

Airport & Rail Baggage Services.

At Excess Baggage Company, we#re dedicated to providing our customers with a wide range of useful and reliable luggage services.

We have left luggage storage, baggage shipping and wrapping facilities at London Heathrow, #, Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

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