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XJBikes – Yamaha XJ Motorcycle Forum.

#, Welcome to the XJbikes wiki! Like wikipedia, this website is editable by anyone.

The goal is to create a place where all of the information spread throughout all the threads on XJbikes.

com Forums can be easily found and streamlined.

Here, anyone can add pictures to anyone else’s articles, and instead of commenting on what could have been added or what you disagree with later on, requiring.

RESULT: A #124 Main and #42 Pilot is A GOOD STARTING POINT.

** Note that the above calculations do NOT take into account any possible changes in the sizes of the main or pilot air jets, the main needle or main needle jet size, and thus are additional variables and opportunities for tuning excellence.

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14577/ – COOL #, 20/01/2020 List of all YAMAHA XJ models and production years.

One of Yamaha’s best selling bikes in the middleweight class, the XJ6 receives a new bodywork for the 2012-2013 season and retains all the.

Denk aan je veiligheid en gezondheid.

Was regelmatig je handen en blijf op voldoende afstand van anderen.

Op onze informatiepagina’s lees je waar je in deze periode op moet letten.

05/11/2018 There are numerous ways to reduce motorcycle exhaust noise.

You#ll have to at least fix it and patch up the tiny holes in it, or maybe buy a new one.

Getting your bike#s valve clearance checked out is important to make sure that the engine is running smoothly and at its optimum range.

If your bike is suffering from symptoms like difficulties to start especially in the morning or lost of power even though you#ve sent it for regular servicing, it#s time to get the valve clearances checked out.

How to adjust your Motorcycle’s Cam Chain.

When we install the cams and time them we have one last thing to do, adjust the tension on the cam chain.