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Xjbikes Turn Signal

08/06/2020 Hello i have an 82 xj1100.

Turn signals stopped working.

Im going to give you the whole story because it may help you diagnose.

So signals stappoed working, check and fuse was blown.

Replaced fuse and nothing.

Replaced all bulbs, fuses (yes upgraded to spade fuses), checked and cleaned out turn signal switch and made sure it had good ground.

, 07/03/2018 Need help jst got my first bike everything works fine accept turn signals stay on in stead of flashing I noticed when one is on the other side has small glow inside bulb I have 6 w bulbs I kno they are too small wish I new before I naught the whole set can#t seem to find 27w bulb to fit the signal I jst got from Ebay was wondering if I get the to fast- aftermarket signal flasher from Ebay.

, 19/02/2011 The Turn Signal Switch normally has some resistance when you Manually Cancel the Switch.

But, it’s nice when the Switch is Clean and Lubed.

Taking apart the Control and getting into the Switch is somewhat of a formidable task.

The Turn Signal Component Parts fit #, HCP7560SET2 Aftermarket TURN SIGNAL ASSEMBLIES, set of 2: $ 77.

95 HCP7560SET4 Aftermarket TURN SIGNAL ASSEMBLIES, set of 4: $ 149.

95 NOTES ON HCP7560 SIGNAL UNITS: a) these turn signals are the same design and style as the stock signal units for the models listed above, which were originally a 3-wire (flashers and always-on running lights) design.

, All models EXCEPT 1980-81 XJ650 Maxim and Midnight Maxim Incandescent Dash Gauges, Turn Signal , and Warning Light Bulbs: incan1) These tiny wedge-based METER BULBS are the correct style and intensity for all XJ-bikes except the 1980-81 XJ650 Maxim and Midnight Maxim models.

HCP3619 OEM meter illumination and warning BULB.

Fits the following.

, OEM turn signal system FLASHER and SELF-CANCELLER RELAY.

In order to design a “self-canceling” turn signal system, Yamaha chose to use a simple but very different style turn signal Flasher than what is used in almost all other vehicle applications.

, The following models used a fusebox utilizing four “glass tube” AGC fuses with one 20A main fuse, and three 10A fuses for the ignition, turn signal , and headlight circuits: all XJ550 models, all XJ650 models, 1983 XJ750 Maxim and XJ750 Midnight Maxim models, and the main fusebox on XJ1100 models.

, Turn Signal Lamp – Front or Rear 2-Wire (For Single Filament Use Only 1 Wire) USD$ 3.


Fits: XJ550 (81-83) Add to Cart Turn Signal Replacement Lens #11-2191 | Yamaha XJ550 (1981-1983) Turn Signal Replacement Lens – Amber – Front or Rear OEM Ref # 4H7-83312-00.


, 21/11/2011 Install the set of Harley Davidson pegs I purchased, cafe seat in the progress, install turn signal , braided brake lines, a Yoshirmo exhaust I got from Craigslist, maybe some rearset, maybe paint the frame in the future and new jets and pilots.

, 26/10/2015 I installed them on the front turn signals, before the plug n play adapter was available.

Tower style LED 1156 bulbs from WalMart work well, are inexpensive, cool heat, and very visible.

In the rear, I kept the stock turn signals, but installed the LEDs and a new flasher to keep the blink rate.

xjbikes turn signal