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18/04/2010 XJBikes – Yamaha XJ Motorcycle Forum.

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The fuel pump is rather simple and since you have had one apart already, try to find another and do the same.

This way you will have a factory back up if yours happens to act.

, 03/07/2017 I didn’t have fuel pump issues, but another member, JeffK, says that an “R6 (’99-’02) pump “will work, and it outputs more pressure than the stock one so you can boost over 12 psi later if you want.

I forget the flow rate spec, but it must put out at least 14psi.

, 25/04/2017 Hi there, i have just converted my 1994 xj600 seca from vacume pump to electric, my problem is the pump runs as normal for a few seconds but the float bowls are empty,i have done the iv test and the bike runs as normal, the fuel pump is very hot after a few minutes tryin to start, its a brand new pump , any suggestions would be appreciated, be for i buy another pump.

, 29/09/2017 thanks you guys.

i will check into these.

the 84 rabbit GTI pump that i have on the bike works but i just have a piece of foam zip tied to it and it lays where the stock pump mounts, so i could build a proper mount for it as well but i would rather use a close to stock “new” pump.

i think i am getting maybe too much fuel pressure with the GTI pump as @ WOT the bike kits about 8400 rpm and.

, 1994 yamaha xj600, fuel pump replacement.

Bought it, started to tear down and found it had an aftermarket single outlet electronic fuel pump.

The original had a vacuum line.

Is there a modern pump that I can retrofit, or should I source an orginal one?



com has a guy kicking around, username of Chacal.

He runs XJ4Ever, the forum.

, HCP24890 Aftermarket fuel pump inlet pipe BAND CLAMP, used on XJ650 Turbo models only to secure the main inlet pipe at the fuel pump , both ends.

All other pinch clamps in the XJ650 Turbo tank-to-petcock-to- fuel pump system, and all of the fuel pump outlet system clamps use the HCP7631 pinch clamp.

Can be used to replace original clamp HCP984 above.

, ess12) OEM safety system FUEL PUMP RELAY.

This special relay is used only on XJ650 Turbo models.

The original style metal “cube” type relay has 5A8 inked on the top face and has a red-painted locking tab for identification; this later-style replacement is marked 25G on the top face.

HCP12648 OEM safety system FUEL PUMP RELAY.

For use on all.

, 26/06/2011 4.

Fuel pump assembly # Fuel pump (compact size:38mm diameter) (comparative low power: 2A current) (Flow rate: 25L/h) # Fuel pressure regulator(2.

5bar) # Fuel filter # fuel #, 09/06/2009 Does anyone know the proper type of sealant to use for a re-seal on a petcock, I got a 3.

9 gallon IMS tank for my DRZ400S and transfered the stock petcock to it since it did not come with one, the fuel leaks out around the base pretty fast even when tightened down solid.

I thought some type of permatex sealant but most are not for use with anything submersed in gasoline and I am at a stand.

, Fuel pump relay: – due to the need for visual reference, you should check your service manual for the proper testing procedures.

There are at least two checks that are necessary to perform: a relay coil resistance check, and a relay coil function (powered vs.

unpowered) check.

xjbikes fuel pump