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01/06/2020 The ignition coils are brand new when cylinder 2 and 3 died, the stock ignition coils are fine so i swapped them out thinking it was the brand new ignition coils, same problem, 2 and 3 are dead.

Cylinders 2 and 3 are not getting any spark, i checked the wiring and everything is wired correctly.

Things that i did.

-New plugs (BP7ES)-New ignition coil, 14/05/2020 XJBikes – Yamaha XJ Motorcycle Forum.

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The juggs are sticking when nearly off the engine on one of the twelve studs for holding down the cylinder head but l put some penetrating oil down the problematic one and.

, 08/05/2020 XJBikes – Yamaha XJ Motorcycle Forum.

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I am going to drill it out l think then a local shop can remove the remains of the stud off the cylinders.

Perhaps heating it has made it worse.

1991 Yamaha XJ 900f.

Franz, May.

, 06/06/2020 What l have also noticed is that there is no wear that l can feel between the top piston rings and the top of the cylinders.

There is a slight roughness due to carbon which l removed with a bit of wood.

Don’t know for sure what mileage my engine has done but the cam chain tensioner is fully extended.

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, HCP1743 Aftermarket master cylinder piston bore FLEX HONE, for use with all XJ550 North American (single disc brake) master cylinders , 1984-85 FJ600 rear master cylinder , 1992-98 XJ600 Seca II front or rear master cylinders , all XJ650 Maxim and Midnight Maxim master cylinders , XJ900 models rear master cylinder , and XJ1100 front master cylinder.

, SECTION J: BRAKES: –Master Cylinders.

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, These medium-grit, flexible CYLINDER HONES are just what#s needed to apply a proper #clean-up# cross-hatch finish to a set of cylinders before installation of original or new rings.

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, 19/05/2017 Some time ago I was asked on Yamaha XJ owners forum ( xjbikes.

com) about Diversion 600 cylinder block and pistons compatibility with XJ600 engines of previous generation, like 51J.

I used Diversion cylinders in #Eight Ball# project, based on 51J engine, so even I forgot some insignificant features, but no matter I had answer at hand.

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