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XIAMETER# OFS-6020 Silane Please Contact Dow for distribution options available for this product.

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, XIAMETER OFS-6020 Silane can be applied to inorganic surfaces, like other silanes, as a dilute aqueous solution (0.

1% to 0.

5%) silane concentration).

Aqueous solutions can be prepared by simply adding the silane to water withstirring.

, XIAMETER OFS -6040 Silane can be applied to inorganic surfaces as a dilute aqueous solution (0.

1 to 0.

5% silane concentration).

Aqueous solutions are prepared by adjusting the pH of the water to about 4.

5 with acetic acid and then adding the silane and stirring.

After, XIAMETER# OFS-6020 Silane by Dow is a 99 % active aminoethylaminopropyl trimethoxysilane.

Acts as an adhesion promoter and coupling agent.

Offers increased composite wet & dry tensile, flexural and compressive strength & modulus.

It is compatible with acrylic, alkyd, epoxy and #, XIAMETER OFS-6020 Silane XIAMETER OFS-6020 silane is a coupling agent for many thermoset and thermoplastic resins and/or adhesion promoter.

Typical Properties: Color: Clear/Light Straw/Yellow Flash, Solutions of XIAMETER OFS -6030 Silane in water are not stable indefinitely, and, after standing several days, may deposit an oily phase of condensed polysiloxane.

Aqueous solutions of XIAMETER OFS -6030 Silane are notable in that a 0.

89% solution in water lowers the surface tension from 72.

0 to 38.

3 dynes/cm.

This suggests that the, # XIAMETER OFS-6020 Silane has been reported to be an effective coupling agent for mineral reinforced nylon 6, nylon 6/6 and polybutyleneterephthalate Fiberglass reinforced phenolic, melamine and epoxy thermoset composites, either as fiberglass finish or as resinous additive.

, 10/01/2020 Acts as a coupling agent and as an adhesion promoter.

It improves chemical bonding of resin to inorganic fillers and reinforcing materials.

Helps in surface pretreatment of fillers and reinforcers.

XIAMETER# OFS-6020 Silane is used for epoxies, phenolics, melamines, nylons, PVC, acrylics, polyolefins, polyurethanes, and nitrile rubbers.

, 27/04/2018 XIAMETER # OFS -6300 Silane by Dow is a 99% active vinyltrimethoxysilane.

Acts as an adhesion promoter, coupling and cross-linking agent.

It forms siloxane crosslinks via moisture cure and bonds with inorganic surfaces through alkoxysilane groups.

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