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Mapex , one of the leading drum brands in the world and well known for their innovation and artistic.

The Mapex Drum Company set out to solve one of the biggest headaches of being a #, Mapex – Mapex Media, The bearing edge of the drum is the part of the drum that the drumhead comes into contact #, “Versatus” Artist Inspired Snare Drum Video.

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Mapex Media.

All Mapex; #, In celebration of MAPEX 30th Anniversary, we will host an amazing Latin America Tour.

, With its long history of successfully combining materials to produce great sounding shells, #, “Warbird” Artist Inspired Snare Drum Video “Versatus” Artist Inspired Snare Drum #, The Mapex TS700 Tom Stand has 2 universal ball-in-socket tom arms.

Its dual-tube #, 04/06/2020 Stay at Home, Learn at Home, Play at Home Music is an essential part of life for every individual and ma.

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Mapex Drums.


We are Mapex UK, distributor for Mapex drums in the UK & Ireland.

This page is used only for promotional activity, any inquiries hit www.



uk, mapexdrums.

com : Mapex Drums Exhibit at ‘The NAMM Show’ on January 17, 2020.

Mapex Drums is a Taiwanese brand of musical instruments established by KHS Musical Instruments in 1989.

Instruments manufactured with the ” Mapex ” name include drum kits and hardware Products.

Mapex produces seven different lines of drums: the introductory “Voyager” and.

Mapex Brand Manager Jeff Mulvihill talks about and demos the new Mapex Saturn Series.

With newly added features and a refreshed look, this update takes the legendary tone and shell construction of.

Made for musicians, by musicians, no one builds a drum kit quite like Mapex drums and percussion.

From the materials they use, to the overall design and details, the Mapex drums and accessories found here have created with the community’s feedback and constructed with only perfection in mind.

Effective immediately, Mapex Drums is suspending the MyDentity Series drum set program.

While we believe in the spirit of customization and the idea that drummers deserve a wide range of choices at a competitive price, several contributing factors have made it clear that a revamp, redesign, and a renewed sense of forward thinking must be devoted to this product to make it a special experience.

Black Panther Design Lab is Mapex premium drum kit serie that offer professional drummers to play the most desired sound.

www mapex drum com