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Wright Stander X Drive Belt

Stander ZK (WSZK) Stander & Sport X (WSTX, WSPX) & Sport X2 (WSTX, Pre 20303 Serial 20303 to 26287 Serial 26288 – 54955 Serial 54956 & Higher Pre 12000 Serial 12000 to 20244.

WRIGHT BELT GUIDE- STANDERS/SPORTS MODEL LINE Stander -Small Frame (WS&WSS) o- t o- t Stander -Large Frame (WS) Stander ZK2 (WSZK) SERIAL RANGE Intensity (WSTN/WSPN), 17/04/2019 Wright stander Intensity mower drive belt change tools needed are belt and 1/2″ breaker bar, extensions or a 1/2″ socket wrench with extensions or a 3/8″ wrench with adapter to 1/2″.

The wrench is.

, Wright dealer should perform the Pre-Delivery Service of the mower.

The Wright Stander X is shipped completely assembled and has been adjusted and tested at the factory.

However, due to the jostling of the shipping process and the delivery time lapse, the following items need to be repeated again before starting the mower.

, 23/06/2018 Wright Stander NOISE | Drive Belt + Idler Pulley ACCESS – Duration: 2:55.

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Brand New WRIGHT 36″ Intensity Stander Put To The Test – #, 09/10/2012 drive belt help please – 52 wright stander RH.

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first i need to know how to get to the drive belt on this baby so that i can put it back on and continue mowing.

it looks very compact and at first glance i dont have.

, Product Description.

Pump Drive Belt for Wright Stander 71460064 / 15-056.

Replaces the following OEM Part Numbers:: Wright Stander 71460064 Size: Length: 64-5/16″ Width: 5/8″ Wrapped clutching Belt Type For Stander X Serial Number 53014 and up, #, Use tires with the tread pattern recommended by Wright Mfg.

, Inc.


Keep the tire pressure in the drive tires between 18 and 22 psi.

Page 22: Belt Tension Adjustment 5.

3 Belt Tension Adjustment The pump drive belt is self-adjusting, and requires no adjustment, just replacement.

wright stander x drive belt