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Wright Stander X 52 Belt Diagram

Wright dealer should perform the Pre-Delivery Service of the mower.

The Wright Stander X is shipped completely assembled and has been adjusted and tested at the factory.

However, due to the jostling of the shipping process and the delivery time lapse, the following items need to be repeated again before starting the mower.

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Stander ZK (WSZK) Stander & Sport X (WSTX, WSPX) & Sport X2 (WSTX, Pre 20303 Serial 20303 to 26287 Serial 26288 – 54955 Serial 54956 &.

52 71460003 71460003 71460003 71460107 71460062 71460119 71460013 71460013 71460107 71460107 71460062 71460062.

WRIGHT BELT GUIDE- STANDERS/SPORTS MODEL LINE Stander -Small Frame (WS&WSS) o- t o- t, WRIGHT STANDER BRAKE ASSEMBLY 1 13990015 Mach Bushing, ID x 7/8 OD x 18 Ga.

2 93410079 Pump Lock Lever, Left, Stander 3 93410080 Pump Lock Lever, Right, Stander 4 11990075 Bolt, shldr Allen x 3/8 5 12990031 Nut, Toplock 3/8 # 16 6 16410009 Spring Ext.

7 16410008 Spring, Deck Cog 8 11990030 Bolt, 3/8 # 16 x Z5, Wright Mower Parts.

Popular OEM Wright Stander Parts Like Belts , Spindles, Bearing and Blades.

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The Wright Stander X is designed with your safety in mind.

It has the following safety systems with which you should become familiar: The warning decals on the mower including the instrument panel warning The blade switch must be #off# before starting the engine Your feet must be on the foot platform in order to engage the blades, View and Wright Manufacturing Stander 48 parts list online.

Wright Manufacturing Lawn Mower Parts List.

Stander 48 Lawn Mower pdf manual.

Also for: Stander 52 , Stander 61.

WRIGHT MFG : Stander ZK, RH (Rapid-Hite)/Sentar Sport, Sport X (serial numbers 55864 and higher), Stander X (serial numbers 53014 and higher) 52 ” decks Replaces OEM Wright MFG : 71460065, Part search tool to find parts, drawings, guides, repair & troubleshooting information, and more for Wright commercial mowers.

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wright stander x 52 belt diagram