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WordPress Bootstrap Paginate Links

12/05/2014 Bootstrap – wordpress -pagination.

A custom WordPress numbered pagination function to fully implement the Bootstrap 3.

x pagination/pager style in a custom theme.

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Bootstrap Styling, paginate_links () function returns unordered list with class named “page-numbers”.

How can I change this class?


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I was also searching for the same solution to use it with bootstrap pagination links , the below code is working 100.

WordPress paginate_links – how to use it?

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04/10/2011 Jacob Gold at 10Up wrote a great article on Smashing Magazine that discusses using a lesser-known WordPress function to handle the heavy lifting.

The paginate_links () function makes it#s incredibly simple to add pagination to your WordPress themes.

Here#s how I typically use it.

WordPress paginate_links Customization, with Bootstrap compatibility example.

I#m not ashamed to say that I use Bootstrap , it#s one of the main reasons I was able to get Sprout Apps launched so quickly last year.

It may be a bit bloated and there are some other great frameworks/tools for prototyping and this example should help.

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wordpress bootstrap paginate links