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GAI Percentile Rank Co nid ec L v l 90% 95% Sum of Scaled Scores GAI Percentile Rank Co nfid ec L v l 90% 95% Table 1 GAI Equivalents of Sums of Scaled Scores 6 40 <0. 1 38#47 37#48 61 101 53 96#106 95#107 7 40 <0. 1 38#47 37#48 62 102 55 97#107 96#108 8 40 #, of the WISC-V Gloria Maccow, Ph. D. Assessment Training Consultant Learning Outcomes #Describe the cognitive processes represented by the WISC-V index scores. #Describe the theoretical link between cognitive processes and specific academic skills. #Describe how to use performance on the WISC-V to generate hypotheses about processing deficits. WISC#V index scores: the Verbal (Expanded Crystallized) Index (VECI) and the Expanded Fluid Index (EFI). The VECI is derived using the four WISC#V Verbal Comprehension subtest scaled. Tables 1 and 2 present the VECI and EFI equivalents of sums of scaled scores, respectively. Each table also includes percentile ranks and confidence intervals. # The GAI is an optional index score for the WISC-IV and the WAIS-IV. # The GAI is derived from the core Verbal Comprehension and Perceptual Reasoning subtests. # The GAI provides an estimate of general intellectual ability, with. reduced emphasis. on working memory and processing speed relative to #, 20/01/2019 The WISC-V Administration and Scoring Manual Supplement (2014) provides the Norms, Conversion and Analysis Tables for the Ancillary and Complementary Index Sores, Complementary Subtests, and Process Scores. This supplement is a spiral bound book that comes plastic wrapped with the WISC-V Administration and Scoring Manual (2014). Visit our WISC-V web page for a pre-recorded #, save Save GAI Conversion Table For Later. 7 7 upvotes, Mark this document as useful 1 1 downvote, Mark this document as not useful Embed. Share. Print. Now. Jump to Page. ICI + PRI GAI Rank CI VCT+ PRI GAI Rank CI 1,60 78 7 72-84 205 103 57 9L109 161 78 7 72-8+ 206 103 57 97-149 1,62 79 8 73-85 207 104 62 98-110 1,63. For the WISC#V , the NAGC (2018) has broadened the recommended scores to include other composites beyond the FSIQ and the GAI to include other ancillary or expanded index scores that emphasize reasoning (Raiford, Drozdick, Zhang, & Zhou, 2015). The group of #, Yes, Corvidae, the WISC V GAI tables are different than the WISC IV tables. The values I listed were for the WISC V. As for extended norms, they haven't been released yet for the WISC V , so they can't be calculated as of yet. However, when they are released, if you have the raw scores (not the scaled scores), you should be able to determine. 19/01/2018 Composite scores overall sample expanded fluid index equivalents of conversion tables wechsler test manual wisc iv cdn gai equivalents of sums. Pics of : Wisc V Scoring Tables. Wisc Iv The Kit Wechsler Scales And Revisions 1949 Wppsi 2017 Abpp Annual Conference Works San Go Ca May 20, Ron Dumont created these WMD Ten-Subtest Intellectual Quotient tables for the WISC-V and WPPSI-IV (ages 4:0 to 7:4). These total scores are consistent with the ten-subtest Full Scale IQ of the 2003 WISC-IV and incorporate all of the abilities measured by the primary subtests on each instrument. wisc v gai tables