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Whyte Bikes Vs Rich Energy Logo

26/07/2019 Earlier in the year, we reported on a court case involving Whyte Bikes and Rich Energy , a new energy drinks company that had apparently copied the British bike brand’s logo #, 11/06/2019 The row over the ‘stags head’ logo use between Whtye Bikes and Rich Energy continues, mostly on Twitter we noticed today with one tweeter advising they were “running out of popcorn because it#s getting so ridiculous”! Things got personal after a court ruled in favour of Whyte Bikes over the unauthorised use of their logo by energy drinks company, Rich Energy.

If anything it could be beneficial to Whyte Bikes , millions people could see the Rich Energy Logo on the F1 cars then subconsciously spot it when looking for a radgnar UK trail shredder and buy.

Rich Energy vs Whyte Bikes logo spat descends into name calling.


by Mark Alker 1 year ago 5.

It was just a few weeks ago that we reported on Whyte Bikes court case victory over new energy.

ATB Sales Ltd.

is the parent company of Whyte Bikes.

The claimant claimed that the logo of the defendant#s device is a copy of the whole or alternatively a substantial party of their device.

The defendant denied the claim.

Rich Energy Limited, William John Storey, Staxoweb Limited are the defendants.

All these are sponsors of Haas Formula 1team.

In a statement Rich Energy said: #Today the judgment was released in the claim brought by Whyte Bikes against us in respect of our stag logo.

We are disappointed with the judgment and the findings of the judge which run counter to our submissions.

We are considering all #, 19/05/2019 Last week, the Whyte Bikes versus Rich Energy court case was decided in favour of the bicycle manufacturer, triggering a hilarious scenario which would not be out of place in a Monty Python skit.

A judge this week deemed that the Haas F1 Team sponsor had indeed copied the stag logo from Whyte Bikes but the energy drinks company is not giving up.

RICH ENERGY HAAS F1 TEAM TITLE SPONSOR LOSES COURT CASE FOR COPYING WHYTE BIKES # STAG LOGOWhyte Bike press release: Issued 14th May 2019Rich Energy #s un-authorised use of Whyte #s Logo is to end following a court battle and victory for the award-winning British bicycle brand.

#We only use the finest ingredients# boasts t, 14/05/2019 The Judgment from March#s court case between ATB Sales Ltd (the owner of Whyte Bikes ) and William Storey (the CEO of Rich Energy ), StaxoWeb Ltd (the originator of the infringing Rich Energy logo.

For those concerned, here#s a good view on the Whyte bikes logo , which is indeed terrifyingly similar to the Rich Energy logo.

The only difference is that the Rich logo has two extra #branches# on the top.

So yes, the logos are almost identical (my guess is that they both used the same template from some cheap make-your-own- logo service and Whyte took the effort to remove the extra.

whyte bikes vs rich energy logo