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Why Are Dw Drums So Expensive

19/02/2020 Your question needs a lot of elaboration.

Do you mean expensive on a relative or absolute basis?

Are you considering a specific line within DW #s overall product line or are you generalizing over all the drums they make?

DW (including PDP) has at l.

Why are DW drums so expensive ?

08-13-09, 04:05 PM.

I have to admit the best drums i have tested was a dw maple set and since then a 7 piece full maple has always been in my dreams but why the heck are they so expensive ?

3k euros min for a basic 4 or 5 piece kit! And snares not less than 500e!.

Pearl’s finishes still away DW IMO, but DW does have some pretty amazing finishes.

PDP finishes take a fraction of the time and are thinner – thus, their saving in a few places and passing that savings on to the customer.

Sound-wise, both kits are very close.

Actual DW ‘s have a little more warmth and projection to them to me.

The Mapex signature black panther is steel so is the Pearl.

I will make a video soon of both.

I just came back to Athens.

The gretsch snare is wooden so is the DW (if i ever get it).

I prefer the warmer sound of a wooden snare but i also like the hersh pitchy sound of steel snares.

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Doing so #, I Used Pearl MMX for 20 years , changed to DW exotic colector 5 years ago, and own a Pdp too, they are all very good drums but i must say DW is unique.

For hardware DW is nice but like everything its expensive , Pearl hardware is for me the best choice.

22/05/2015 Why do people seem to think that DW drums are way more expensive than other high end brands and are “overpriced?

” DW Collectors kits seem to be priced on par with Pearl Reference, Sonor Vintage Series, Yamaha Absolute Hybrid, C & C Drums , Sakae Drums , Gretsch USA Custom, Ludwig Legacy, Sonor Prolite, Yamaha Phoenix, Tama Star, Sonor SQ2, Pearl Masterworks and Tama #, 10/04/2008 I just went on the Kit Builder and got a quote for a 5 piece setup (20BD, and 10,12, and 14 toms.

nothing too exotic!) in Collectors Birch.

the damages: $4088!!!!!! I mean, one single 10 tom was like $850.

I know these guys make nice stuff, but that seems pretty crazy.

Is there something Im mi.

why are dw drums so expensive