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What Does L O W E R N Stand For

18/01/2014 What is L.





N in geography?

what does it stand for and what does it mean?

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This refers to the six categories that affect climate: L – latitude.

O – ocean currents.

W – wind and atmosphere.

E – elevation.

, LOWERN is an acronym for 6 factors that affect climate.


It depends on how close or how far it is to the equator.

This is the most important, and it is based on #, l o w e r n LOWERN is the mnemonic we use to remind us about the factors that affect climate change: Latitude, Ocean currents, Wind and air masses, Elevation, Relief, and Nearness to water.

Each of these factors affects the earth#s climate in different ways.

, September 19, 2011 4) Elevation – As elevation increases temperature decreases, this is known as the #lapse rate#.

# 1 o C/100m (Dry Rate) # 0.

6oC/100m (Wet Rate) 5) Relief (Mountains) # Physical object like mountains restrict the movement and flow of air causing it to rise.

, 07/11/2015 A Physical Geography book should have a map of a “typical continent” with climatic zones marked according to the interplay of the elements of L O W E R N.

You need to take case by case.

Without Himalayas blocking the Monsoon air currents from warm tropical Ocean, from which India gets its Monsoon with a 365 day crop-growing season India would.

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, (31) Nu = A s u, u p p e r N u u + A s cc, l o w e r N u cc A s u, u p p e r + A s cc, l o w e r where (32) N u u = 0.

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, Climate change Belarus Present climate.

The specific features of the climate are conditioned by the country#s location in the average latitudes, relative proximity of the Atlantic Ocean and prevailing westerly winds that meet no topographical barriers within the country.

, Following , the lower thresholds are specified by (30) T l o w e r (n ) = max {T l o w e r, w F w 0 # 1 (1 # p f) s + s L o c a l (n)}.

The spatially dependent lower thresholds are due to the fact that the contrast equalization alters the stationarity of noise response in #, What does LOWERN Stand For ?

Latidtude Ocean Currents Winds Elevation Releif Nearness to water.

How does Latitude affect Climate?

The closer you are to the equator, the hotter the climate.

How do Ocean currents affect Climate?

The temperature of the oceans causes the what does l o w e r n stand for