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22/06/2020 June21 # wfpb #vegan # SOFAS free making me feel 50,not 68.

88 lbs gone& maintain.

Jogging small beach Jogging small beach Patty2MAD regained health and mobility, 07/07/2020 July6 #muckbang.

mine is # wfpb #VEGAN in the truck, #STORY time about each quitting smoking .

– Duration: 14:58.

Patty2MAD regained health and mobility 8 views, 22/10/2016 The single biggest change though was the no added salt.

Of course, I eat a plant based/vegan diet but not solely whole foods so since roughly the start of the month, I#ve been close to 100% wholefoods.

My plan was based on Chef AJ#s program #, 27/01/2016 The no meat thing makes sense, the no dairy and no processed food bit is understandable, but the moment olive oil and, -for–bid, coconut oil are taken out of the picture, people start to panic and wonder what the kind of cult they#ve joined.

(this is way less complicated than putting together IKEA furniture # I promise.

21/12/2014 Sweat.


DOMs! You were certain your six-pack would come back to play by New Year.

After all, you followed a strict workout and diet regime in the last 6 months.

The Judgement Day comes# You even wore your best set of clothes (or lack thereof).

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wfpb no sofas