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VJ Rendano.



Rendano is a wholesale distributor of guitars and other instruments in Cleveland, Ohio.

Your instrument was likely made in Japan or elsewhere for Rendano and sold under their name.

They still exist, though the company#s namesake died last year.

, V.


Rendano Wholesale Music is a musical instrument distributor in Cleveland, Ohio, dating back to 1957.



Rendano disitrbuted a wide variety of brands but also sold some imported guitars and basses under their own ” V.


Rendano ” brand name.

, VJ Rendano Wholesale Music Co – 755 E 82nd St, Cleveland, Ohio 44103 – Rated 5 based on 3 Reviews “Been a customer for several.

My experience has been.

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, Vintage VJ Rendano bass guitar.

Some of these were made in Japan for VJ Rendano a music wholesaler in Cleveland.

Others were later made in Korea.

The heel truss rod adjustment makes me think Japan.

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VJ Rendano Pro III Designer Model (Explorer bass style) – Cream Matching headstock Brass saddles In good condition.

, 15/07/2012 V.


RENDANO is a US musical instrument wholesaler.

There are hundreds of small manufactures of musical instruments in Asia.

If the instrument was made in the 60’s it was probably made in Japan, in the 70’s Japan or South Korea.

The two largest manufacturers of Guitars in the world are Samick and Cort.

, Cort guitars is based in North Brook, Illinois, offers guitars made in Korea.

Jack Westheimer set up business connections with Japanese guitar makers in the 1960s to import Japanese made guitars into America.

Some of the brands that Jack Westheimer is associated with were Teisco, Cortez, Pearl, Silvertone, Kingston, Cort and many others.

, 17/06/2011 NWUBD (New World’s Ugliest Bass Day) – VJ Rendano Pro III Designer Model Discussion in ‘ Basses [BG] ‘ started by Lazarus.

Bird , Jun 16, 2011.

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