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29/05/2016 Must have gears (no single-speed bikes ) since I’m using it to commute in a city with lots of hills and stop lights.

I despise those handlebars that many city bikes have that are bent towards the rider (like this).

Personal preference I suppose, but I’d like to avoid those.

I would prefer a bike with skinny wheels (like road bikes and hybrids).

I’m looking to buy my first road bike and I want to spend as little as possible and still get something decent.

The Vilano FORZA 4.

0 seems to be a good choice to fit this goal.

Several review websites, Amazon reviews, and a couple YouTube reviews say it is a decent choice too.

I thought my first road bike was a lightweight rocket ship compared to my half decent MTB.

It felt light and it felt FAST.

It was a low end starter bike , half decent groupset, poor wheels and frame, about 11-12kg.

Not much above the Vilano you linked.

I’d advise anyone buying a bike though to go a notch above that.

24/06/2015 That said, there are some definite gotchas with the Vilano series.

Where they save money to make it so cheap, is that they use the most inexpensive nickle and dime items in the construction.

In the three/four months or so that I had my Bike Shaped Potato, I had to: replace all the cabling on the bike due to fraying and rust(!!?

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I seriously would not get a Vilano.

They are garbage bikes.

I would rather ride a LeTour that had been left outside for 30 years.

There must be a used bike for under $300 in your area.

There are definitely $300 single speeds from bike shops that a leagues better than that bike.

15/05/2014 Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano, White, 54cm Medium at Amazon.


Read honest and #, road bikes , mountain bikes , hybrid bikes , folding bikes , folding bikes , kids bikes , stand up paddle boards, sup, inline skates, ice skates, cycling shoes, This Vilano bike is a step up from the basic road bikes available and is perfect for entry-level riding.

Vilano TUONO 21 Speed Shimano Features: The Vilano TUONO Aluminum road bike 21 speed Shimano assures easy shifting and can handle various riding situations!, 23/08/2018 The Vilano Diverse 3.

0 is a great bike for a variety of activities and is very affordable without sacrificing the quality and optimum performance of a good entry level road bike.

This bike features a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame that is equipped with a unique hybrid fork that acts as a shock absorber allowing for a smooth ride even on bumpy.

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