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Vertica V_Monitor Tables

29/10/2018 For more information, see ALTER TABLE in the Vertica documentation and see Vertica Partitions: The FAQs in the Vertica Knowledge Base.

Monitor the Segmentation and Data Skew Segmentation refers to organizing and distributing data across cluster nodes for fast data purges and query performance.


The system tables in this section reside in the v_monitor schema.

These tables provide information about the health of the Vertica database.

19/06/2018 Vertica store table data in compressed format.

To get the size of a table in vertica , you can use the below query.

By using column_storage and projection_storage system tables you will get the size of table compressed format.

You can check the all the column definition from the official vertica sites using below link.


projection_storage, This tutorials provides most of the information related to tables in Vertica.

Tables in Vertica are logical entities and they don’t store actual data.

This tutorials provides most of the information related to tables in Vertica.

SELECT * FROM ALL_ TABLES WHERE schema_name IN (‘v_catalog’,’ v_monitor ‘) ORDER BY #, Most users are familiar with the system_ tables table which provides a list of v_catalog and v_monitor tables.

These tables are helpful in managing your instance.

What isn#t very visible is the v_internal schema, it#s tables , and underlying definitions.

In this short post, we#ll see the tables available in the v_internal schema and how to query the definition for some of the views.

Non-owners of tables can also execute the following partition operations on them:.

This option enables backward compatibility with GRANT ALL usage in pre-9.


1 Vertica releases.


] schema: Specifies a schema,.

=> GRANT SELECT on all tables in schema V_MONITOR , V_CATALOG TO Joe; GRANT PRIVILEGE See Also.

REVOKE ( Table ).

26/03/2004 Hi , I wanted to create a vertica monitoring user which will have access to all the system tables (v_catalog , v_monitor ).

I created a user but it is fetching data with respect to that user only.

dbadmin being the super user has privilege to access all the data from system table.

vertica v_monitor tables