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Uw Standstill Premodern

09/12/2019 Mr.

Sundberg has made a big impact with new brews but this time he decided to sleeve up a classic UW Standstill deck with some techy choices.

Lands is a cool archetype that also uses Standstill and lately we also have seen Jeff Ecklund use it in his UR Stifle-Nought aka Dreadstill deck that made an impact on the tournament scene here.

Dreadstill is more of a combo/aggro deck than the UW.

UW Standstill : Dan Ivar: Premodern Online Monthly (February) 29/02/2020 9 of 40 UW Standstill : Simone Gentile: Winter Premodern Ravenna: 16/02/2020 6 UW Landstill: Jorge Larrumbide: II Liga Madrilea de Premodern – 4 jornada: 11/01/2020 4 Landstill : Viceroy : 1er Torneo Premodern Chile (Carls) 04/01/2020, 12/09/2018 But Sligh was the most played deck at ~17% of the metagame, while U/W Standstill was at 12.

5%, and won the whole thing.

What#s impressive is that every deck in the Top 8 had some cards for the Sligh matchup in their sideboard with it being a recognized strategy, but it still managed to put two copies in the Top 8, which speaks to the power.

10/03/2020 Note: the audio is a little rough on this video – apologies! I play my third round of the February 2020 Premodern Monthly Online tournament with a hand camera.

For more details about the Premodern.

10/06/2020 I play my second match of the 2020 Premodern Spring Fling tournament with a hand camera.

For more details about the Premodern format visit: https:// premodern.

Cards in the scratchpad represent cards that you are considering for this deck, but are not actually in the built deck.

They do not count towards the in built decks count shown in your inventory.

If you are using the Auto Trade feature, they will be still be marked for trade although cards in your main deck and sideboard will not.

This deck has a lot of overlap with the UW Standstill deck, as it plays Standstill along with traditional control elements like Swords to Plowshares and Wrath of.

The idea is to survive long enough to set up Exploration and Horn of Greed.

From thereon, you have the ability to switch gears completely, abusing Time Warp to get even more leverage out of the combo, typically winning with a.

20/06/2018 Sunday the 17th of June was the date for the first ever Swedish Nationals in Premodern.

The event took place in Stockholm and was organized by myself and hosted by Wak-Wak, who also organized the 93/94 tournament Ivory Cup on the day before.

18 #, 09/08/2019 9 Control (5 UW Standstill 2 4c Control, 2 Psychatog) 9 Prison (4 Stasis, 4 Tinker, 1 Survival Opposition) 4 Aggro (2 Goblins, 1 Elves, 1 Land Destruction Burn) Let me note there that there were some borderline cases, with decks that could arguably be assigned to a different category (and we#ll get back to that).

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