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Ultrastar Vs Deskstar Nas

The HGST Deskstar NAS is one of the few NAS drives to feature a 7,200 RPM rotational speed.

This relatively high rotational speed helps the 4TB Deskstar NAS achieve a 4k read/write speed of 1.


2 MB/s.


14 MB/s is actually the highest 4K read speed I have seen to date on a 4TB drive.

18/10/2014 The Ultrastar version comes with a 5 year warranty and is built to the specification of 2.

0 million hours Mean Time between Failures.

The Deskstar comes with a three year warranty, but has the advantage of having a lower price with similar operating characteristics.

The choice is ultimately yours depending on price and performance.

22/11/2014 Unlike other consumer NAS HDDs, the HGST Deskstar NAS doesn’t skimp on performance by lowering the rotational speeds.

We have a standard 7200 rpm drive with a SATA 6 Gbps interface.

There is a 64.

16/09/2017 Anyone have any reason NOT to get some HGST 6TB Deskstar Nas 7200rpm drives?

I am looking at either 6 or 7 of them in Z2.

Any bad experiences?

I know HGST is usually pretty solid with reliability.

The HGST Ultrastar He8 has better specs at $6.


The He10 is even better $6.

40! (2,500,00 MTBF, 1.

000E+15, very high workload per year).

Regular NAS hard drives such as WD Red and Seagate Ironwolf as excellent for this, but even they have a few shortfalls if you are a business user, intend to access your data much more regularly or want a much more comprehensive solution.

Below are the difference between NAS hard drives and WD Red Pro and HGST UltraStar DC.

The good news is that the HGST DC Ultrastar hard drives are identical to that of the WD Gold series.

if you already own a NAS or SAN device that is populated with the WD Gold drives and you want to replace a defective drive, then you are able to use the chart below to get the right HGST Ultrastar drive to match your WD Gold drive, 22/11/2014 The HGST Deskstar NAS is supposed to slot in-between the WD Red and the WD Red Pro.

It doesn’t specify an upper limit on the number of bays, #, 17/04/2013 The HGST Ultrastar 7K4000 is a standard 3.

5″ hard drive that utilizes SATA 6Gb/s.

Aside from the silver metal top plate, the rest of the Ultrastar 7K4000 body is black.

On the underside, users can remove the circuit board by removing 4 short screws and 2 longer screws.

27/02/2017 Note that the 8TB model in the Backblaze stats is likely the Ultrastar He8 which is considerably more expensive than the Deskstar NAS line.

HGST does now offer an 8TB model in the Deskstar #, Big HDD Showdown: Seagate 10TB vs.

HGST Ultrastar He10 vs.

WD Gold 8TB.

By Paul Alcorn 05 August 2016.


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