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Uf Pro Striker Xt Combat Pants Gen 2

Armin Wagner, the Head of Product Development at UF PRO and the creator of both models of Striker Combat Pants explains it in this spotlight video.


The Striker XT Gen.

2 Combat Pants are some of the best (if not the best) tactical pants on the market.

As a SEAL, Contractor.

Global elite special-forces units put total trust in our combat -proven Striker XT gen.

2 Pants.

So popular are they that Striker XT gen.

2 Pants now are our best-sellers in this range.

Features a 3-layer knee-protection system, integrated stretch panels for extra freedom of movement, reinforced knee areas, and functional pocket configuration.

The Striker XT Gen.

2 Combat Shirt includes detachable UF PRO air/pac shoulder inserts to evenly distribute the weight (making it easier and more comfortable for you to #, #The Striker XT Gen.

2 Combat Pants are some of the best (if not the best) tactical pants on the market.

As a SEAL, Contractor, Tactical Law Enforcement Officer, Big Game Hunter, and Competitive Shooter I have used a lot of “tactical pants , but in my opinion and experience these pants are more comfortable, just as durable, and far more.

UF Pro Striker XT Gen.

2 Combat Pants Awesome ergonomics, reliable and extremely comfortable knee protection and a functional pocket configuration make the Striker XT the ultimate combat pant for any environment.

FEATURES Pocket configuration: 2, UF PRO STRIKER XT GEN.



95 #Some orders of this product may take up to 2 weeks to ship.


The Striker XT Gen.

2 Combat Pants merges modular knee protection, spacious.

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Are Striker products machine washable?

Is the fabric flame retardant?

Will the fabric melt or drip if exposed to heat?

How do Striker XT Gen.

1 and Gen.

2 Combat Shirt compare?

Can I use flex knee pads inside my Striker pants ?

Where is the Windstopper lining#s inner zipper located?

Can I use flex elbow pads in my Striker tops?

Of course the WINDSTOPPER lining can be easily zipped in the Striker XT Gen.

II Combat Pants for wear in cold weather.

These pants can be combined with all 3 knee protectors from UF Pro available by ASMC: UF Pro Flex SAS-TEC knee pads (item number: 99836) UF Pro Flex-Soft knee protectors 6mm and 8 mm (item number: 99832 und 99833), Become a UF PRO member.

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Striker HT Combat Pants From 189# + Striker XT Gen.

2 Combat #, UF PRO Striker X Combat Pants go together with your other equipment.

Use the built-in hooks along the hem to secure your pants to your boots if you want to make it impossible for your pants to ride up your legs.

Use the double belt-loops to quickly and easily attach or detach your holster.

Striker XT Gen.

2 Combat Pants

uf pro striker xt combat pants gen 2