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U-Treasure is a collection of jewelry , based on various video game and anime series, made by K.


A collection based on Pokmon was released, featuring 70 different items.

# U-TREASURE Pokmon Jewelry Fair! First time in Singapore# Limited time offer 09/05/2019#30/06/2019 #As the quantity of the Free Gift is limited, the promotion may end without notice.

You will receive Eevee & Friends official jewelry cloth when you purchase a set of U-TREASURE Pokmon marriage rings or an engagement ring.

26/02/2018 U-TREASURE is a massively popular brand dedicated to character jewelry and goods, and they#re showcasing their range of Pokmon-themed items from Mar.

2 through Apr.

17 at U-TREASURE #, U-TREASURE is a brand that puts these thoughts into pieces.

Skillful craftspersons are capable of doing sensitive work and make dreams become true.


ase enjoy authentic character jewelry , accessories and goods for grown-ups.


We can offer U-TREASURE products at U-TREASURE #, 26/05/2020 U-Treasure and Pokemon Co.

constantly work together on Pokemon -themed jewelry , and it seems the line has been a huge success.

New items come out all the time, and the latest revealed for the lineup is a Ditto necklace.

There are three different options to choose from.

– Silver # 13,200 yen – K18 Yellow/Pink/White Gold # 60,500 yen, 20/03/2020 Pokemon lovers, U-Treasure #s Magikarp necklaces are already available on the brand#s online store.

The retail price is set at $125 USD for the silver version and $1,250 USD for the gold edition.

Pokemon Collections.

In 2019, Celio proved that fashion and geek culture can be compatible just in time before the launch of Pokmon Sword and Shield.

U-Treasure is hoping that their jewelry become life time jewelry.

Developed metal in-house that combines strength, beauty and comfort.

More color and durable pink gold.

Harder to deform and harder than general formulation platinum.

(# In-house research) U-Treasure #s technology is #, They#re so pretty, you#ll want to buy #em all! Jewelry brand U-Treasure is back at it again.

As if Pikachu and Mew engagement rings and even custom Pokmon jewelry weren#t enough, now they#ve gone and released beautiful necklaces featuring Eevee and its eight evolutionary forms, to the extreme detriment of our wallets.

The necklaces, which are made of silver, were released on.

19/07/2019 Japanese accessory creator U-Treasure offers a new line of premium jewelry that is themed around the popular anime series Pokemon.

The range highlights the character Pikachu and he is featured across a selection of wedding rings and engagement rings.

U-Treasure also sells other Kirby jewelry , including an engagement ring (seen above) based on the Fountain of Dreams that costs over $3000.

This is the choice for Super Smash Bros.

Melee fans who manage to find love and always want to rep their favorite competitive singles stage (even though they are no longer single).

The site also sells Kirby Milky Way Wishes watches that cost around $270.

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