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Tecnica Zero G Boot Sole Length

Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro : 285: 295: 305: 315: 325: 335 : Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro, Scout, Tour 2019 : 293: 303: 313: 323 : Shop Ski Boots.

What is Ski Boot BSL ( Boot Sole Length )?

The BSL, or boot sole length , of a ski boot , is the measure, in millimeters of the outer length of your boots.

Ski boot sole length can be important in several.

19/11/2018 The Zero G Tour 110 and Tour 105 boots come with more typical 35 mm Velcro powerstraps.

Soles & Bindings Compatibility.

All of the Zero G boots have rockered, non-replaceable Vibram rubber soles that are certified to the ISO 9523 standard, and will therefore work with MNC bindings like the Salomon / Atomic SHIFT, Marker I.


bindings, or Tyrolia AAAttack 14 AT.

Volume takes into consideration the overall size of a foot including the forefoot width and instep height.

Tecnica ski boots are divided into: LV (low # from 93 to 98mm), MV (mid # from 99 to 100mm) and HV (high # 103mm).

LV: for skiers with narrow, low volume feet or for those who prefer a more precise fit, 11/02/2017 Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro Boot.

2016-2017 Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro.

Size Tested: 27.


Stated BSL: 315 mm.

with the exception that the shorter boot sole length of the MTN Lab allows for a more natural, comfortable stride while touring.

Paul Forward in the Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro, Porters Ski Area, NZ.

09/03/2018 Tested size 26.

5, measured sole length 300mm, 1340 grams per boot.

Forward cuff lean, adjustable 12 or 13 degrees.

Last, catalog 99 but we feel it#s wider.

Zero G ski boot series, versions to be available: Tour Pro (unix), reviewed here, carbon infused cuff etc.

Tour Scout (men#s and women#s versions), PU cuff.

The Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro could easily be overlooked due to its typical ski- boot -like appearance.

It sports a four-buckle overlap design, rockered Vibram rubber sole , and ski/walk mechanism on the spine.

Just a checklist beef boot with nothing to see he.

tecnica zero g boot sole length