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Teamo Life Jackets

TeamO is a design business that creates award-winning life saving products for anyone who works in, on or around water.

Best known for the patented BackTow# lifejacket, which was created following a number of accidents and fatalies in the marine industry, TeamO has since expanded the range to cater for all sailors, whether racing or cruising, heading offshore or exploring the coast.

, TeamO Lifejackets – F&B Yachting.

Team O life jacket automatically inflates when water activated using the ProSensor (Hammer Sensor available in request) firing head inside the cover.

After inflation, the wearer manually pulls the large BackTow handle that is available on top of the right hand lung.

, Thank you TeamO for putting out a quality life jacket and great customer service.





170N Grey Lifejacket.

Wonderfull product! TeamO is easy to work with and responded to my emails in a very timely manner.

The Lifejacket is as advertised, it fits myself 6′ 220lbs and also fits my wife of 5′ 2″ (no I’m not going to put her weight on here).

, TeamO 170N BackTow Lifejacket & Harness The only lifejacket with integrated harness on the market with BackTow Technology to allow you to be rolled onto your back if being dragged by your tether.

TeamO solves the life -threatening problem of being towed through the water by your lifejacket.

, Flying with a lifejacket can sometimes be complicated because each airline has its own rules.

Many sailors and international jury members travel with their own lifejackets however and we are often asked how to fly with a TeamO , so the aim of this blog post is to #, TeamO BackTow 275N Pro Sensor Life Jacket with Deck Harness 295.

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95 Hailed as revolutionary by Practical Boat Owner, TeamO ‘s BackTow Life Jackets were developed following the tragic death of a sailor who was dragged face down in the water next to his vessel whilst falling overboard tethered to his boat.

, Suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers # Offshore.

Foul weather clothing # ISOl2402-3 Approved TeamO ‘s patented Backtow life jacket technology functions in #, TeamO ‘s patented Backtow life jacket technology functions in a man-overboard situation by turning the user in to a face-up seated position as they are towed alongside the vessel.

This keeps airways clear of the water and allows for communication and immediate rescue by the crew.

Backtow also reduces the risk of injury during recovery, and using.


This is a highly rated life jacket providing a competitive feature set at an accessible price point.

Rather than using the contoured foam panels common in more expensive jackets , the MoveVent achieves a snug fit by mounting foam panels on a flexible mesh base, keeping the foam hugging your body and providing ventilation at the same time.

, Inflatable life jackets offer those who are more experienced around water a way to remain safe while enjoying boating, water skiing, fishing, snorkeling, and other aquatic pastimes.

Inflatable life jackets are available across a variety of USCG-approved types and are a

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