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Tbdress Reviews Reddit

We haven’t said TBDress is a scam.

They may be legit company as well but if they are legit, then they need to take our review more seriously.

They need to make all the corrections that we have mentioned in our TBDress review and then need to contact us and explain everything.

Then we will definitely amend our review accordingly.

Looked at some of the coats on there and they look pretty good.

Anyone used TBDress before?

A huge majority of the reviews are women either pleased or really dissatisfied with dresses not being the same as pics shown online.

If you have – did you get what you expect, how was the delivery and customer services if you needed it?

08/01/2014 A lot of these types of sites have low quality materials and weird sizing (though some post up measurements) that usually run small, and curate the reviews #, Gorgeous! I found my dreeeam dress on TBdress but was too afraid to order it because the site had sketchy reviews.

I#m so glad you had a good experience! It makes me wonder if I should have gone ahead and bought my dress from there.

I ended up using Cocomelody though so I #, 7,136 reviews for TBdress , 4.

3 stars: ‘Customer Service will not provide information on how to return items, they will insist on giving you $10 off or a discount on another purchase.

Very dishonest business practices.

They refused to cancel my order after 30 days of not shipping the order then shipped it partially a week later and no refund for item not shipped.

If you like the product then no.

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