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Tamil Uyir Ezhuthukkal Words With Pictures Pdf

Tamil Mei Eluthukkal [247 Alphabets] The total number of Tamil primary letters as per grammer is 30, 18 being mey and 12 being uyirmey.

The other 18 x 12 = 216 uyirmey and one aydham are subsidiary making the total as 247.

The Tamil Matrix runs 12 uyir and 1 mey in the rows and 18 uyirmey in the columns.

Aydham is conveniently placed in the gap left with, in the first place of column and first.

, # – Tamil Compound Letters Words Picture and Video Tamil uyirmei Ezhuthukal Words Picture (216.

, Tamil Flashcards for Kids: Uyir and Aaitha Ezhuthu and Aathichoodi and Anilum Aadum (# #, #, #, # #), – Tamil Consonants Words Pictures and Rhymes Video Tamil mei Ezhuthu words (18):.

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, All tamil characters have their origin in the Uyir and / or Mei characters.

Hence in order to introduce a basic sound ‘ga’ in Tamil , the easiest way would be to introduce a different Mei character for this sound along with the 13 Uyirmey characters that are associated with this Mei character.

, Practice writing Tamil letter – Uyir Ezhuthu – A.

See More : Tamil Handwriting.

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Uyir Mei Ezhuthu Uyir Mei Ezhuthu Uyir Ezhuthu – Ai.

tamil uyir ezhuthukkal words with pictures pdf