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T Racks 5 Gearslutz

T-RackS 5 is the latest incarnation of the standalone mastering program, and all its processor modules can also be used in a DAW for mixing or mastering duties.

It can use any of the 38 processors that IKM has in its Custom Shop, up to 16 in the standalone version.

, Quote: Originally Posted by kevinsparks So what’s the consensus on which tape machines are the best?

80 and 99?

‘Best’ is a very relative term.

They’re all pretty great.

‘Best’ will depend on what kind of sound you’re trying to achieve with them.

, Quote: Originally Posted by Andy McGroarty 1.

It’s not a real tape recorder, it’s a digital plugin, so you should be able to, within reason, use it in any way you like, on any source, any bus, any low end material etc.


It’s clearly faulty, so customers have the right to complain.

The only way that this is correct behaviour in the plugin is if the, So dissappointed that I missed the sale by 5 days 🙁 Already Own T-Racks 5 , Amplitube Max, Syntronik , all older VSTi’s and so much more of their stuff.

Love them all.

I don’t know how long I will have to wait before these get on sale again.

, T-RackS 5 #s interface is a night-and-day improvement, the change reminding us of Superior Drummer 3#s joyous metamorphosis; and the Metering section is a major step up, too.

Those alone give the whole thing the sheen and excitement factor of a whole new application, but the four new processors also play their part – particularly Dyna-Mu.

, T Racks 99.

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KEYS on Hammond B-3X: “Recommended in every respect”, T-RackS 5 is flexible enough to fit into almost any digital audio production workflow.

It can be used in standalone mode but can also be run as a plug-in suite.

The latter mode offers nearly all the standalone mode features within the environment of a DAW.

Finally, all T-RackS processors can also be used individually as plug-ins within a DAW.

t racks 5 gearslutz