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T Haruo Guitars


Haruo models are acoustically sweet sounding, easy to play and beautiful to look at.

Dee Tatum acquired the rights to the T.

Haruo brand and after 30+ years absence from the world market, has decided to try and re-introduce the quality guitars.

He is in negotiations with the original factory to manufacture the new upper end models.

T Haruo guitars 1970s to 1980s.

Haruo Terada was the president of Terada Factory, Nagoya, Japan at the time of T.

Haruo mfg.

He tried to market their own model in the US, from Terada under the T.

Haruo brand.

We have since discovered all this.

Read on and before on page 2 #, T Haruo 12 String.


Haruo Model 150.


Haruo Model 60 Dreadnaught.

Tacoma DB220 Acoustic Electric.

Tacoma DBZ27.

Tacoma DR 52.

Tacoma DR-55.

Tacoma JK-50CE4.

Tacoma JR-55.

Tacoma VECMA40C.

Takamine Limited 2002.

Tama 3561.

Tama Dreadnaught 3558.

Tama TG-120.

Tama TG120S.

Taylor 810 WMB.

Taylor 910.

Taylor Big Baby.

Terada TR 1006.


It was around 1974 when T.

Haruo handcrafted guitars began showing up in music stores through Peninno Music Co.

Westminster, Calif.

At the time no-one knew the association between T.

Haruo and Terada factory.


Haruo guitars faded from the market sometime in 1982.

I have found T.

Haruo ads from guitar magazines in the 70#s and I heard about these guitars when I was a kid.

The ad indicates that there were a number of guitar stores # a lot of them on the West Coast (McCabe#s was on there as I remember) listed as carrying them and they were marketed as a quality guitar at a reasonable price.

The T.

Haruo hand made guitars were only imported into the United States between the years of 1976, and 1982.

I have had this guitar since it was new in 1976.

It has lived a pampered life, and is absolutely flawlessly Beautiful.

The powerful unique quality of the projected full range sound of this guitar has equals at only the highest end of a.

t haruo guitars