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Sub Zero G Luggage Matalan

Review sub 0 G luggage at Matalan.

It was my birthday last Thursday.

There#s a tendency when you get to my age to try and forget about birthdays but when family and friends make a fuss with cards, presents and messages and when the sun actually makes an unexpected appearance, well maybe this birthday lark is something to smile about.

, Hi have been looking at the 73cm sub zero g trolley and can’t find any stockists in UK that stocks it under 65.

Seem to have missed the fab offer @ Argos back in May/ June when it was 1/2 price @ 25.

We too are limited in luggage allowance of 20kg per bag and as we are a family of 4 we are only taking 2 bags (Easyjet a bit cheaper than Ryan.

, Sub 0 G Luggage.

The world’s lightest luggage set sub 0 g zero brand new ebay, the world’s lightest luggage set sub 0 g zero brand new ebay, the worlds lightest luggage sub 0 g zero suitcase trolley.

, IT Luggage (50) Constellation (6) Antler (4) Ben Sherman (3) Disney (1) Harry Potter (1) LOL Surprise (1) Marvel (1) Minecraft (1) show more Price Lower Price Range Limit Upper Price Range Limit, Cheryl from Cardiff- if you ain’t left yet, look at Matalan ‘s website- they call’em ‘worlds lightest luggage ) and say.

Dimensions- Large 84.

5cm x 52cm x 29.

5cm, Medium 74.

5cm x 47cm 26.

5cm, Small 65.

5cm x 41cm x 23.

5cm, Extra Small 56.

5cm x 36cm x 21cm.

, Sub Zero are great cases.

We’ve had a large one for a few years and it’s still like new.

I’ve also got 3 carry on size ones, all have which have been checked at some point in time.

, Answer 101 of 197: Is anyone using Sub Zero G lightweight luggage as carry-on or checked baggage?

Do you like it?

Does it hold up under the rough conditions of checked luggage ?

Would you #, From the World’s Lightest Wide Handle collection, this case is made using a tough fibre glass structure and high tensile, ultra strength material.

The wide trolley system allows for maximum capacity thanks to the flat packing base.

Smooth rolling, inset corner wheels allow for ease of movement and stability.



IT Luggage World’s Lightest 55cm Carry-on Four Wheel Spinner Suitcase Navy Two Tone.

IT Luggage World’s Lightest 73cm 8 Wheel Spinner Suitcase Black.

sub zero g luggage matalan