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Sp Fulltext Database In Sql Server

sp_fulltext_table (Transact- SQL ) 06/10/2016; 5 minutes to read +2; In this article.

APPLIES TO: SQL Server Azure SQL Database Azure Synapse Analytics ( SQL DW) Parallel Data Warehouse Marks or unmarks a table for full-text indexing.

I am looking for the ANSI_NULL_DEFAULT setting as well, but I think ” sp_fulltext_database ” is enabled/disabled in the database project settings under.

Project Settings->Database Settings.

Under the “Miscellaneous” tab “Enable full text search” EDIT: Apologies didn’t see you were doing it under sqlpackage, not Visual Studio.

But hopefully.

Syntax sp_fulltext_database Initializes full-text indexing or removes all full-text catalogs from the current database.

sp_fulltext_database [@action =] ‘action’ Arguments [@action =] ‘action’ Is the action to be performed.

action is varchar(20), and can be one of these values.

enable Enables full-text indexing within the current database.

Important Use carefully.

If full-text catalogs already.

Has no effect on full-text catalogs in SQL Server 2008 SQL Server 2008 and later versions and is supported for backward compatibility only.

sp_fulltext_database # sp_fulltext_database does not disable the #, 11 rows This option is available for only SQL Server 2005 (9.

x) databases.

For information about #, Transact- SQL Syntax Conventions.

Syntax sp_help_fulltext_catalogs [ @fulltext_catalog_name = ] ‘fulltext_catalog_name’ Arguments [ @fulltext_catalog_name = ] ‘fulltext_catalog_name’ Is the name of the full-text catalog.

fulltext_catalog_name is sysname.

If this parameter is omitted or has the value NULL, information about all full-text catalogs associated with the current database is returned.

29/09/2015 SQL Server 2012 Notes.

It appears that there is a bug in SQL Server 2012 SP1 where the server will report that Full Text Search is not supported in this edition of SQL Server when it clearly is.

The workaround is to create the initial catalog by using a query: CREATE FULLTEXT CATALOG database_fulltext;sp fulltext database in sql server