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Sony Ps X800 Belts

05/05/2020 A set of 2 belts for the Sony PS-X800 Linear Tracking Record Deck.

These two belts drive the tone arm.

There is no belt required for the platter as is is direct drive.

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, Here are some photos of Sony ‘s PS-X800 turntable, a masterful linear-drive turntable from 1981-84.

Hailing from the final golden days of Japanese Direct Drive, before CD and digital arrived on the scene.

This may even be Sony ‘s masterpiece; it’s certainly #, The Sony PS-X800 Straight Line Tracking (SLT) Biotracer turntable is arguably the most ambitiously engineered and sophisticated hi-end production SLT turntable ever manufactured (I would argue that it is), unfortunately it’s also one of the most complicated.

This makes it an extreme challenge to service.

, The Sony PS-X800 PS X800 PSX800 linear drive turntable was not factory fitted with a phono cartridge.

For us to assist you with the correct stylus replacement, we need the brand and model number of the existing cartridge.

, 09/01/2019 I have a Sony PS-X800.

I’ve been using it for a few weeks problem free, but it has developed issues with arm controls.

It will start up normally and put the arm in place.

I had the same symptoms as you.

I ended up replacing the 2 belts which control the movement of the tonearm assembly.

It works great now.

I think the 30 year old belts were.

, Sony ‘s first tangential Biotracer – trying to square the round peg for the new decade.

However, the X800 didn’t start at all as it is known today.

Throughout the 1970s Sony had refined speed accuracy, resistance to load and even included in its first (radial) Biotracer the damping of the resonant peak and many other problems by way of V and H sensors.

, The Sony PS-X800 is probably one of the most sophisticated tables ever manufactured.

It’s biotracer arm auto-balances, and tracking set electronically between 0.

5g and 3.


Additionally the arm also dampens unwanted resonance.

, Belt Set for Sony PS-X800 Linear Tracking Record Deck Turntable.

1 out of 5 stars.

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