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SOFASOGOOD has been awarded as the sole distributor of a German Royal#s recognition brand # HILKER in year 2010.

EXPLORE QUICK GLANCE ON OUR KEY MATERIALS, Therefore, SOFASOGOOD emphasises on custom made home furniture, which gives you the ultimate solution of your own comfort living.

Started since 1997, the founder and managing director of SOFASOGOOD # Frankie Yau has involved in the sofa industry by sourcing and selling premium grade products to the life explorers in Hong Kong and China.

Only in Hong Kong , we have enhanced this sleep system with 7 zoning function where the pocketed spring coils are made with dedicated firmness and density to suit the need of our body section from head, neck, shoulder, waist, hip, leg and feet.

SOFASOGOOD has been awarded as the sole distributor of a German Royal#s recognition brand.

Made from premium imported full grain leather and textured back fabric, this sofa is exclusively designed for you from SOFASOGOOD .

Quality pairs best with aesthetic design.

Styled up your modern home with the unique curve and cut that finely stitched by our craftsman.


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Sizes should be the essential category, especially living in a metropolis environment like Hong Kong.

Material finishes are what dictates the design for all furniture.

Color is a topic that only each individual have the ability to solve base on your preference.

With the help of tailor making furniture, let SofaGoodSofa help you decipher all.

HK $ 7,790.



Iris 3 Seater Fabric Sofa.

Iris sofa is a mid-century design piece, playing with it’s groovy design it shows off the playfulness of the living room space.

The Sofa Leg Panel underneath also gives the sofa a sophisticated look.

HK $ 7,690.




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