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Snare Drum Eq Cheat Sheet

Drum EQ Cheat Sheet Kick Drum Snare Top Low Cut: 30Hz (only if subs prone to overloading) Peaking Filter: 200-400Hz / Q: 1.

5 / -12dB, 18/07/2015 Drum Mixing/ Eq Tips & Recipes Cheat Sheet So in my never ending quest of searching for tips/tricks etc.

on mixing/ eq ‘n my drums , I came across this nice little simple cheat sheet for mixing and eq for drums (Kick, Snare , & toms).

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An EQ cheat sheet may look like the perfect solution to your problems when mixing, but it really isn#t! It pretends to give you an idea of where the different problem areas in your mix lie.



saying things like #400hz is where the muddiness in a snare drum resides# is completely idiotic.


LOW END RUMBLE 0-120 Hz Highpass carefully from 100 Hz upwards.

12-24 dB steep highpass filters may be used.

Use your ears and choose what sounds best.

BODY 200-400 Hz This is the central area of sound in most snare drums.

Most fundamental characteristics live somewhere inside of snare drum eq cheat sheet