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Slingerland Drums Niles Illinois

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Niles IL 70’s through the early 80’s.

Imported drums in the 80’s had this badge.

Slingerland 14# Snare Drum 60#s ?

Original plate.

Serial number 152748.

Condition is Used.

No case or stand.

Drum only.

The top head is dirty and has been well used.

The bottom head has a small hole in it and some scratches.

The snare strainer is definitely old.

This snare has been stored so it is pretty dirty and could use a good cleaning.

Slingerland 16×14″ Concert Floor Tom Drum 3Ply White Gloss Pearl Vintage 70s USA.




25 + $55.

00 shipping * Slingerland 15×10″Tom Drum White Marine Pearl WMP Vintage 70s Set-O-Matic 3Ply*.

Details about Vintage Slingerland 16″ Floor Tom Drum WMP White Marine Pearl Niles Illinois USA.

10 viewed per hour.

Slingerland Drum Co.


is an Illinois Corporation filed on October 31, 1984.

The company’s filing status is listed as Revoked.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Lawrence R Rasp and is located at 6633 N Milwaukee, Niles , IL 60648.

Slingerland Drum Company In 1962 the Slingerland Drum Company located at 6633 North Milwaukee Avenue, Niles employed 100 people who made drums and accessories.

The ” Slingerland Drum Company” was founded by Henry Heanon “H.


” Slingerland (1875#1946) in 1912.

The History of the Slingerland Drum Company.

Here is a brief history of the Slingerland Drum Company from 1923-1970.

I have included many photos, which may take a while to load.

1959-60: Around this time, the Slingerland factory moved from its Chicago, Illinois location to Niles , Illinois.

The Radio King name was no longer being used except.

21/11/2019 Looks like a sixties Slingerland (black and brass badge).

If it says ” Niles , Illinois “, then it’s from 1960-1969; if it says “Chicago”, then it’s from 1955-1960.

It looks like a student snare kit (six lug, three-ply shell).

I’ve value it at between $100-$150.

Article I – Slingerland Drum Badge Timeline Part 2 Slingerland Drum Badges Primary Production Badges and Serial Numbers # Post- Niles 1989 – 2008, Chicago Drum Wins Big at the 2014 Snare Drum Olympics! See what the pros have to say about our Single Ply Steam-Bent Maple Snare.

#Placing 1st in Category in our first Snare Drum Olympics is a HUGE honor,# says Jim Moritz, President of Chicago Drum.

#It validates our passion for the amount of craftsmanship that goes into every drum we.

slingerland drums niles illinois