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Shotokan Karate Belts Order Uk

Few karate schools directly present a student with a white belt , while some others grade new students also before awarding them the first belt.

There are numerous #schools# or #styles# of karate , and each one of them has its own order of karate belts according to the ranking system.


The grading system for Karate , like all Japanese, derivative martial arts is very formalised.

In 1924 Gichin Funakoshi, founder of Shotokan Karate , adopted the Dan system from Judo founder Jigoro Kano, using a rank system with a limited set of belt colors.

Belts for 6 years of age and above including adults are as follows: 10th Kyu White; 9th Kyu Orange 8th Kyu Red 7th Kyu Yellow 6th Kyu Green 5th Kyu Purple 4th Kyu Purple with white stripe 3rd Kyu Brown 2nd Kyu Brown with one white stripe 1st Kyu Brown with two white stripes Sho Dan Black belt (Minimum age for grading to black belt is 11 Years of age), The Order of the Belts.

Each level and colour of belt pertains to a degree of mastery in various elements of karate.

While the exact specifications for attaining each level vary from dojo (gym or training centre) to dojo, their general meanings stay the same.

The White Belt.

The white belt is what all karate #, Where white represents the starting level, Black represents the true expert having highest rank.

Yellow, orange, red, green, blue are some other colors of belt.

The order of the karate belts also differ in different schools.

Some of the correct orders of the colors of belt are given below #, SHOTOKAN KARATE Grading Requirements White to 1st degree Black Belt KIHON 9th Kyu yellow 8th Kyu orange 7th Kyu Red 6th Kyu Green 5th Kyu Purple 4th Kyu Blue 3rd Kyu Brown 2nd Kyu Brown 1st Kyu Brown SHODAN Black Belt Front, Back, Horse, Attention, ReadyStances: X X.

Shotokan was the name of the first official dojo built by Gichin Funakoshi, in 1936 at Mejiro, and destroyed in 1945 as a result of an allied bombing.

Shoto (, Sht), meaning “pine-waves” (the movement of pine needles when the wind blows through them), was Funakoshi’s pen-name, which he used in his poetic and philosophical writings and messages to his students.

Karate Grades Beginners start as white belts and train to progress through each grade.

10th Kyu.

White belts learn the four basic blocks, stepping punch and front kick.

They must learn a sequence (kata) called Kihon and a prearranged 5-step sparring sequence.

9th Kyu.

Orange belts learn knife hand block, two side kicks and a new kata called.

World Japanese Karate Association.

05/09/2015 Sensei Roy Richards passed his 6th Dan and became the chief instructor for the U/K.


The object of S K A is to promote,support,encourage,and practice the traditional style of Shotokan Karate.

To develop the techniques and spirit of karate -do and mutual respect and friendship of its members, Karate uses a coloured belt system to show your progress, earning you a different karate belt colour when you pass your exam.

You start with a WHITE BELT , then working your way through the different coloured karate belts : White Belt.

9th Kyu – Orange Belt.

8th Kyu – Red Belt.

7th Kyu – Yellow Belt.

6th Kyu – Green Belt.

5th Kyu – Purple Belt, Gichin Funakoshi, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Ank Itosu, Chmo Hanashiro, Taekwondo, Judo, Jujutsu, Shotokan, Aikido

shotokan karate belts order uk