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Shiny Xylosma Tree Pictures

Xylosma is a very attractive shrub with bright green shiny leaves that will grow in part to full sun.

Frequently planted as a hedge or screen, this hardy evergreen thrives in desert heat and will grow in light open shade to full sun.

Xylosma makes a beautiful small tree up to around twenty feet if allowed.

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Flowers and fruit are rarely produced.

Good as a hedge or large screen, or can be trained as a tree.

Native to China.

Family: Flacourtiaceae.


Croton congestus Xylosma senticosum.

Additional Common Names.


Tree Characteristics.

Compact and Erect or Spreading with a Low Canopy.

Rounded, Spreading or Vase Shape.

Design Ideas Xylosma can be used as either a shrub or small tree in the landscape.

Makes a fine natural hedge gently pruned to size or it will adapt to mild shearing for a more formal appearance.

Allow it to grow naturally for a shiny light green background for beds and borders.

Xylosma Congestum.

Thanks to Rebecca Schroeder, who gardens in Buda and blogs at Rebecca#s Retreat, for pictures of her Xylosma ! Often called shiny Xylosma , this shrubby plant is very versatile.

You can train to a small tree shape, leave it shrubby or prune into a hedge.

Native to China, Xylosma became popular in California for being a reliable shrub that is fairly drought tolerant and reliable as an ornamental tree.

It is bushy and can easily be sheared to shape when it is young.

The leaves are shiny light green.

New growth is bronze.

Can easily be trained into a small ( usually multi stemmed) tree.

Xylosma congesta ( Shiny Xylosma ) – This is a spreading, evergreen shrub or small tree that grows 6-10 feet tall or more and spreads even wider – size can be contained by prunning.

The shiny light green leaves are this plants most attractive feature and it is evergreen in near frost-free climates with new growth an attractive bronzy-red.

Maple Tree Gardenality Genius Zone 10A 30 to 35 F Comment About Planting This heat-tolerant shrub does well in full to partial sun in most any soil.

It is very tolerant of acidic, neutral, or alkaline soils, but they need to be well draining.

From containers Xylosma can be planted any time throughout the year.

Xylosma was a very popular landscaping plant in Phoenix in the 1950s, and while it may not be used as widely today, it is still a great plant that almost always looks nice and is very easy to grow.

New foliage emerges as a reddish-bronze color, aging to a bright, shiny green.

Flowers are not particularly showy; however, they are followed by a dark colored berry that birds may be attracted to.

Xylosma congestum ‘Compacta’ – Compact Xylosma Medium growing mounding evergreen shrub to 4-6 feet tall and wide.

Attractive plant is most often used as a foundation or hedge planting.

Likes sun or partial shade and moderate water.

Fire-resistant for defensible space

shiny xylosma tree pictures