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I prefer Lumtec to Shinola becuase they experiment more, you can see its a proper watchmakers, they have used swiss, japanese and even for a special edition they used restored Soviet movements, They are solid tool watches and are priced that way, Shinola on the other hand feels like they are guaging you over the hipster feel of their brand.

Hamilton especially and Bulova to a lesser degree have a long legacy of important contributions to horology and broader history (railroads, mass manufacture of marine chronometers, military suppliers, first electric watch in the world Hamilton 500, accutron, etc) whereas Shinola is simply a rich guy purchasing the rights to the name of a defunct company and marketing the out of it for.

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Shinola watches got a bit of a bad rep in some corners of the internet not really because the products are objectively bad, it was because they kept pushing the made in USA marketing angle, but didn’t come out clean at the other end, as it was pretty obvious that the.

Aesthetically, I think they’re great looking watches.

I collect primarily vintage watches , so the style of the Shinola watches is very much in line with what I typically like in a watch.

That said, I love the mechanical guts of vintage watches and I also like learning about the history of the movements in the watches and the companies that made.

Like /u/cortem, I also want to avoid the stigma that comes with supporting Shinola watches.

If I was forced to buy a watch from either company, it would also be from DWC.

For the same reasons above.

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17/06/2016 And I hate the car comparison.

Commodity part watches are about 1000 times less complicated than a car.

The better car parallel is something like BMW – nobody ever says “Made in America” about BMW, even though that’s where all the X series SUV’s are “made”.

A BMW X5 is just as “made in America” as Shinola watches.

I love the Shinola designs, and I love the whole Made in USA thing.

But $500 – $800 for a quartz watch in steel seems a little bit ridiculous.

The same can be said for spending $5,000 for a bunch of gears in steel for a low end submariner.

If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

There are Swiss Quartz watches in that price range also.

Men#s Watches.

Most men own a watch , but not every man owns a timepiece.

Because while any watch can account for the time, only the right watch accounts for taste.

At Shinola , our men#s watches and our leather straps are assembled and crafted by artisans right here in Detroit.

Choose from our different watches for men to find the timepiece to keep you standing out.

Beautiful, enduring, handcrafted goods that are designed to be lived in, worn out and well-loved.

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