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Shelterbelts Are To As Terraces Are To

Answer: Shelterbelts are to wind erosion as terraces are to water erosion (option E).

Explanation: Soil erosion is the loss of soil quality and its usefulness for cultivation, one of the serious consequences that environmental factors such as wind and water can produce.

Shelterbelts : it is a technique based on the construction of vegetal barriers, high bushes or trees, to protect the soil.


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Shelterbelts are as terraces are to A) leaching; desertification B) water erosion; wind erosion salinization; stratification D) stratification;, 14/06/2016 Shelterbelts are to _____ as terraces are to _____.

A) salinization; stratification B) stratification; salinization C) leaching; desertification D) wind erosion; water erosion E) #, Shelterbelts are to _____ as terraces are to _____.

wind erosion; water erosion.

We lose 5 to 7 million ha of productive cropland per year to _____.

erosion, overirrigation, and other factors.

Shelterbelts (windbreaks) rows of trees planted along edges of fields (slows the wind) Conservation tillage.

reduces the amount of tilling.

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Terracing definition, something formed as a terrace.

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Some shelterbelts are also raised for multi-purpose, for example to provide fuel, fodder, shelter for bees, cover for wildlife etc.

For these purposes, more than five rows shelterbelts may be raised.

In arid zones where rainfall is not heavy and sufficient irrigation is required for plants growth, only one row or maximum three rows belts may be.

01/08/2017 Terrace farming is a method of farming whereby #steps# known as terraces are built onto the slopes of hills and mountains.

When it rains, instead of rain carrying away the soil nutrients and plants down the , they flow to the next terrace.

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shelterbelts are to as terraces are to