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Sap Table V 005 B

33 rows V_005_B is an SAP View so does not store data like a database table does but can be used to process “Generated Table for View” Information within sap ABAP programs.

This is done by declaring abap internal tables , work areas or database tables based on this View.

These can then be used to store and process the required data appropriately.

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, 24/08/2009 1.

Go to table V_005_B and select your country and then click on overview.

Change digit what ever you want as per country requirement.


SPRO > SAP net weaver > General settings > Set countries > Set country specific checks > Select country > Click on overview > Change length as per requirement.

Regards, Purnima, 17/01/2014 Then changes something in this table.

(Note: If you are using Standard table for changes log, then make the changes only from transaction, or if you are using any Z table you can change the table from any transaction or you can change the table from direct the t-code SE16N using sap _edit) Now I have made some changes in my table.

, LNST3 is a standard field within SAP View V_005_B that stores Permitted Length for Tax Number 3 information.

Below is the list of attribute values for this field including its length, data type, description text, associated data element, search help etc.

You could also view this information on your SAP system if you enter the table name V_005_B or data element LNST3_005 into the relevant SAP.

, SAP Tables bank master Woodworking Veneer Tapehow to Woodworking Veneer Tape for Click on the Table for more details and click on the Functional Area to see all the tables specific to #, 2)Instead of BNKA use a custom table that accepts end user info like pernr,begda ,endda,bank key,acct no.

3) enhance 2 new fields in the screen one for bank key and the other for acct num–so these are free text fields 4)write a module pool that saves these info in the custom table.

cheers gv _____ From: Nikkel via sap -hr [mailto: sap [email protected]

, Hi, Create a workbench transport request in SE09 and double click on it, system opens request/task screen , go to objects tab add program id as ‘R3TR’ object type as ‘TABU’ object name as table name (ex: ZTABLE) and click on the function button , put ‘*’ in table keys and save the request.

sap table v 005 b