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Sap Hana Sys M Cs Tables

Hi Prasath, I didn’t quite get your requirement, but you can fire a query against M_CS_TABLES in HANA studio to get the information required.

The Delta and main storage depends upon if the table is loaded to the memory (delta and main).

, 34 rows Column name Data type Unit Description ; HOST: VARCHAR(64) Host name : PORT: #, M_TRACEFILE_CONTENTS – SAP HANA information from trace files M_TRANSACTIONS – All transactions created by users or database M_UNDO_CLEANUP_FILES – #, When doing a performance analysis you need information about the tables involved.

SAP HANA , system table M_CS_TABLES offers information about host assignment, partitioning and record count of each table in your SAP HANA system.

The host information is needed if you have a multiple host system.

, 31/10/2014 For more detail, please refer to the following SAP Note or the SAP HANA Administration Guide.

Useful SAP Notes: # 1977314 # How to handle HANA Alert 29: #Size of delta storage of column-store tables.

CPU Usage: To check the CPU usage in relation to the available CPU capacity, you can go to the Load Monitor from SAP HANA Studio.

, Using Sap hana anonymous block syntax.

A sap hana stored procedure structure is coded with a header, a begin and an end statement.

It has to be compiled in order to be executed.

A sap hana anonymous block is also made of a begin and an end statement such as DO BEGIN.


Variables can be declared within begin and end section.

, Table 38: Functions of the SQL Editor Function.


Create an SQL query.

You can type an SQL query in the Input Query pane.

To insert code from the clipboard, choose Insert.

Save an SQL query.

sap hana sys m cs tables