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Sap Ehsm Tables

List of SAP EHS SAP EHS Management(EHS-MGM) Tables and the relationships between them.

SAP Tables | Environment, Health and Safety.

EHFNDS_SRVCLI – EHSM Server/Client Option Structure EHFNDS_T100 – EHSM T100 Structure EHFNDS_TABBED_FBI_CFG_APPCC – FBI Tabbed App.

Controller Configuration, The organizational unit in SAP application is used to define organizations.

on the basis of functional units; for example departments and functions.

such as maintenance, IT, HR, etc.

3) Locations.

Locations are the objects used in CE for SAP EHSM to represent organization.

on spatial for functional form that will be used for identifying the, SAP EHSM Tables Posted on Oct 15, 2015 at 06:52 PM | 435 Views.


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Dear EHSM Experts, Do you anyone of you have a list of back end tables for SAP EHSM Incident management and their relationship.

If you have please it, #, Complete list of SAP EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) tables : ESTRH # EHS: Specification Header, CVDDH # EHS: Report shipping orders, ESTDF # Additional Information – User-Defined Text, CVDDP # EHS: Parameter Values for Report Shipping, EST0F # EHS: Dangerous Goods Management – Transport Classification, CCIHT_WAH # EHS: Work Area – Header, and more.

List of SAP EHS module tables.

View complete list of tables & fields about Environment, Health and Safety.

EHS is a SAP module coming under BBPCRM component.

Total 1333 EHS tables #, 15/07/2016 Then in parallel SAP started new approach and delivered SAP EHSM (officially called: Component Extension for SAP EHS Management).

A big new step for SAP (and the customers).

Reason is simply: if you check now the current version of EHSM then you need to decide: should I start with #new stuff# or should I use #old stuff#.

31 rows SAP TCodes in Module EHS-HSM(Hazardous Substance Management) – SAP TCodes – #, 21/06/2016 Purpose.

The purpose of this page is to provide a list of Workflow transactions and EHSM tools that can be used to facilitate the analysis of Workflow issues.


Below you will find listed the transactions and tools that can help to analyze the system and its processes.


Release State.

In the Customizing activities for SAP EHS Management under Incident Management Incident Recording, the GDT Code column in the Customizing tables enables mapping between the GDT codes and back-end codes of the corresponding Customizing table entry.

This GDT code must be unique and the same in the consumer and.

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sap ehsm tables